April 4th, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws

Rambling about stuff:)

I just watched one of the saddest Buffy episodes ever when Buffy and Dawn lose their mother. That's so good and very sad to watch Dawn break down in the school. I'm impressed with her acting she's very good. I wish Sara Michelle Geller would be in a movie again sometime just not her usual type casting roles. I'd like to see her be in a drama or something independent for a change.

My poor H/D beta's computer isn't working this week and she is having a hard time getting my three fics back to me. She sent me one though and I posted it. I've written 38 H/D fics or drabbles and 28 D/E ones and of coarse a couple other pairings.(Not bad for just opening an lj account on October 29th.) I better write more D/E to catch up with the H/D ones. LOL:D
Just more FYI I have posted 111 fics and drabbles so far and I'm not even close to slowing down. *Go me*

Sending all of my f-list *hugs and smooches* I love you all:D