April 2nd, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws

Thanks so much:D

I can't thank whoever the sweetie was that gifted me with a paid account for 6 months enough. I'm sending you big hugs honey:D
It's late and I'll try to figure out later today how to get pictures on my LJ homepage. I can't find anything that says Images so I can hit the expand all link and put my pics on and I have to give up and go to bed now. *hugs*

Big Hugs

Elijah w/doggie paws

Domlijah hotness before I go to bed:D

Dom and Elijah


I just feel like posting a little Domlijah goodness before I go to bed tonight:D

All through the night

Dom crushes his mouth to Elijah as Elijah bucks and thrusts his hips up against Dom's. Dom moves, slowly down Elijah's pale throat, kissing, licking and sucking his way down to his nipples, pausing to run his tongue over each one, sucking them into his mouth, causing Elijah to groan and grab his hair in a firm, tight grip, pushing his head down his body, demanding more from Dom. Dom's mouth starts to move down his flat stomach and he pauses to swirl his tongue in his bellybutton.

Elijah screams his name over and over again all through the night.

Sweet dreams everyone:)

I know I'm very evil to stop there *evil chuckle* :D *hugs*