April 1st, 2008

Animated Elijah icon with floating red h

Learning something new finally:D Thanks mews:D

I'm the absolute worst about procrastinating with something I don't know how to do. I finally practiced with links and actually posted a continuation link on one of my fics. It's really simple and it's only hard in my mind.
Now if someone asks or I want to send someone a link to one of mine or someone else's stories I finally can.:D

I was like this as a child with math. I built up so many walls toward math and how difficult it was. I was such a mess.

Sending lots of *hugs* and thanks to the wonderfulmews1945 for telling me how to do this waaaaay back in December. She has helped me with all kinds of things to do with the computer since I'm brain dead with the machine.
Lets see how long it'll take me to finally try and do what summershobbit told me and post pics on the background of my LJ:D
(I'm taking bets) LOL:)

*hugs and smooches*
Animated Elijah icon with floating red h

Me again:D

Well I tried to put pictures on my LJ homepage and did everything up until the end and then I found out I can't put up pictures because I don't have a paid account *pouts* Oh well:(

I wanted to try something else immediately and not wait so long this time but it didn't work. I'd like someday to have a paid account and be able to post the pictures and too have more icons. I just don't know when to ask my husband if it's alright when he doesn't even want me to have any account let alone pay for one no matter how cheap.

I'm proud of myself for at least trying something new and a little scary for me.
I love all of you.xoxoxx