November 8th, 2007

Elijah w/doggie paws

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I am going to be a Bridesmaid in my best friends wedding.We have known each other since first grade.I have my dress I just have to get it altered.I am looking forward to this and nervous.It will be a catholic wedding so I will be standing for an hour.Also my step-son was in his first play in high school.He has the acting bug now.I try to encourage this because he will probably change his mind many more times.Stuart my husband is sick so that's not good.He also found out about my livejournal account and name.I am not sure how he feels about this.He is rather sickened by two men together.He dosn't see the hottness in it.I can't imagine why.I am so busy these next few days.I will post when I can.I have two more drabbles I am working on.I post those in a few days also.Hugs!
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