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H/D-Wanting You

Title:Wanting You
Rating:PG for mild cussing
Summary:Harry knows what he wants :)
betaed by the wonderful mon_ami_runa

This is dedicated to harrysexmagickandobsidianmagick *hugs*

Watch Over You-shawn_anne

This is by the talented shawn_anne

Draco looked around the empty pitch after an intense Quidditch game. The sun was an orange ball hanging low in the sky as it slowly disappeared. He sighed, thinking of the close win for the Gryffindors against the Ravenclaws. 'He's secretly glad the Gryffindor's won.' Draco's head turns to the right to look around as he thought he heard something like footsteps behind him. 'I must be hearing things' Draco thinks as he whirls around when he hears a cloak hit the ground. Draco shivers at the intense look in Potter's eyes as he walks toward Draco.

"Hey Draco"

"Potter. Here to gloat because Gryffindor won?"

Harry chuckled "Nope, that's not why I'm here."

"Okay then, why are you here?"

Harry slides closer to Draco and says huskily "I want to tell you something I have felt for a long time."

"What's that, Potter?"

Harry growled "I want to be on your skin like the Dark Mark. I've wanted you forever, Draco"

Draco swallowed and shivered as he replied "Hmm, so you want me and you think I want you …"

"Yes, I do. I see the way you look at me all the time. I think you're obsessed with me."

Deciding quickly Draco smirked as he reached out, grabbed Harry by the back of the neck, pulled his head down and pressed their lips together hotly. In short order their mouths open, their tongues touching for the first time. It's all tiny swirls, teasing push and retreat and careful licks and it's driving them both wild.

"Mm-mm, you taste yummy," Harry whispered as he nibbled on Draco's bottom lip, drawing it into his mouth, causing Draco to whimper and press even closer. Harry ran his hands up and down Draco's arms feeling the muscles tense under his touch.

Draco kissed Harry's eyelids, nose then moved to his throat nibbling and sucking on his neck, dragging his teeth over the pulse in Harry's throat causing Harry to moan with desire.

"Damn," Harry groaned as the bell rang signaling dinner time. "We have to go in or our friends will come looking for us."

"Shit, I know," Draco pouted.

"Hell. How about you meet me here at midnight so we can continue where we left off?" It was posed as a question but they both knew there was no way Draco would say no.

"Midnight it is then" Draco agreed and they set off to the dinning hall.
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