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Warnings:Lots and lots of sex with rimming... that has a fluffy ending.
Summary: D/E decide to stay in when a thunderstorm hits!
This never happened it's all in my mind!:D
Thanks to aprilkat for the prompt>*HUGS*
betaed by the wonderful mon_ami_runa

I never want this weekend to end...

I'm reposting this I got them betaed and all the parts put together.


Thanks to summershobbit for the banner...

Dom leans down and savagely kisses Elijah's tempting lips, causing him to gasp so Dom can thrusts his tongue inside Elijah's open mouth. Deepening the kiss Dom runs his tongue over Elijah's his hands running over Elijah's lithe body.

Elijah grabs Dom's ass, pulling him closer to him and growling "You need to get naked now."

"You too, baby," moans Dom, as he rips his clothes off as fast as he can, buttons flying everywhere.

Elijah strips and pounces on Dom, causing him to stagger back against the wall of their bedroom. Elijah starts to thrust his tongue in Dom's mouth, causing Dom to growl deeply in his throat.

"Suck me Elijah, please." begs Dom.

Elijah falls to his knees and starts to run his tongue over Dom's cock,deep throating him as his hand starts to stroke him.

"Stop or I'm going to come and I want to fucking make love to you." Dom growls before pulling Elijah up and falling onto the bed.

Dom starts to suck on Elijah's neck, causing Elijah to thrust up and gasp at the delicious friction.

"Fucking make love to me Dom," demands Elijah.

Dom slides his fingers inside Elijah, slowly coaxing his muscles to relax and open. Dom grabs the lube and coats himself with it before he plunges inside Elijah's tight opening, thrusting at a fast but steady rhythm, making love to him with each stoke.

Elijah thrusts in counterpoint to Dom's fast pace and soon they come together.

"Mm-mm," gasps Elijah. "I'm so glad the thunderstorm hit us and we had to stay in tonight."

"Me too, baby," smiles Dom. "I'd much rather stay in and shag you all night long." He says as he pulls him against his body.

Dom presses his mouth to Elijah's in another sweet kiss. "Mm-mm," moans Dom as he deepens the kiss, sucking Elijah's tongue in his mouth.

Elijah swirls his tongue around Dom's, sensually driving Dom mad. "Let's fuck again Dom, please." begs Elijah. "I love how I have you all to myself tonight."

"Me too, Elijah. You're all mine tonight." Dom runs his tongue on the side of Elijah's neck, causing him to shiver and gasp with pleasure. Dom takes his time with Elijah's neck, nibbling and sucking his way down toward his chest. He runs his lips over Elijah's sensitive nipples, laving them both with his tongue.

"I need to fuck you soon, baby." rasps Dom, as the pleasure builds inside, the need to claim Elijah rising in his mind and body.

He flips Elijah over and starts to kiss and suck on his back and shoulders, working his way down, slowly. Dom grips his ass, opening him gently before he thrusts his tongue inside Elijah's tight opening, moaning at Elijah's incredible taste. He shoves his tongue further inside, opening him up more causing Elijah's muscles to relax.

"Fuck me, Dom, that's fucking fantastic." gasps Elijah, as he pushes backward. Elijah is almost mindless with lust and desire. "Claim me, love me, take me now."

"You're mine," Dom gruffly says as he crawls up Elijah's body and pushes inside. He starts a pounding rhythm.

Elijah reaches out and grabs the headboard as Dom pounds into his body. He twists his head around to run his tongue over Dom's lips and shove his tongue inside Dom's mouth. Elijah pushes back into Dom as he starts to stroke himself. "I'm going to come soon," Elijah screams even as he explodes.

"I'm going to fucking come," gasps Dom and a few short jabs he comes deep inside Elijah's body.

Dom pulls out and collapses on the bed, gasping for air. "I love you so much."

"I love you too Dom, more than anything in this world." gasps Elijah.

"I'm so glad it rained tonight," Dom sighs as he pulls Elijah in his arms.

Elijah wakes up, and looks over at Dom sleeping thinking of how he wants the man again. Elijah reaches out and, lightly caresses Dom's cheek before he starts to kiss and lick his chest, causing Dom to wake up moaning. Elijah moves further down Dom's slim body, sucking every inch of his skin, laving his stomach with teasing licks. He takes him in his mouth and starts to deep throat him.

Dom is writhing and moaning, at the delicious feelings running through his body " Fuck, I want to make love to you so bad," he groans. "I want you to ride me, Elijah."

Elijah slides his fingers around his slim hips and starts to stretch himself gently open. "I'm still loose from last night Dom, you fucking rode me all night long." Elijah crawls up Dom's body, slowly, licking and nibbling as he goes, swirling his tongue over Dom's chest and sensitive, pebbled nipples. Elijah starts to suck on his neck as he slowly lowers himself down on Dom's cock, loving the burn as he takes him deep.

"You're mine," Dom growls, as Elijah starts to move at a fast, brutal pace, snapping his hips. He hits his prostate with every thrust. "I fucking love you Dom," pants Elijah.

"I love you too," moans Dom. "I'm going to come soon."

"Me too," Elijah says, as he starts to stroke his cock. Elijah feels the pleasure build until it's almost painful, as they both come Elijah falls on top of Dom, gasping for breath.

"This has been the best few days of my life," Elijah pants.

"Mine too, baby. I never want this weekend to end." Dom says as he kisses him softly on the lips.

Elijah lays on Dom's chest, listening to his heart beat. Dom tenderly runs his hand up and down Elijah's back, causing him to quiver at the lightness of Dom's touch. "Fuck Dom, I love you more than anything in my life," whispers Elijah.

"I love you so fucking much, it's a physical ache inside me, baby," Dom whispers in Elijah's ear, he licks inside, causing Elijah to jerk and laugh at the sensation. "I want us to forget everything and everyone and get married Elijah "I can't live without you."

"Yes Dom, I'll marry you," says Elijah, as he tenderly starts to kiss him again.

The End
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