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Title:So Beautiful
Warnings:Viggo paints Elijah's picture and they end up in Viggo's bed.
Betaed by mon_ami_runa

V/E banner-summershobbit!

This is for two of my friends I met in NY love you both summershobbit and jade_baggins Summer made the wonderful banner...

Viggo's paintbrush flew over the canvas as he painted Elijah as he lay on the sofa shirtless with his jeans riding around his slim hips. He tried to ignore the flare of lust he felt as he looked at Elijah's beautiful body. Damn, he's a professional so think professional thoughts. His eyes darkened as he painted Elijah's chest and dark nipples. Shit he's tormenting me on purpose he thought as he watched Elijah lick his lips causing desire to course through his body from his head to his toes.

"I think that's enough for today Lij" he rasped out of his dry throat." I need a beer" and a cold shower he though dryly. He put his supplies away as he went into his kitchen to get a beer, calling out as he did "Want a beer Elijah?"

"Fuck yes, thanks Viggo." Elijah sighed happy that Viggo was finally painting his portrait. It took me awhile to get here and I can't leave until I make him see how much he wants me.'

Viggo returned with the cold beer and handed it to the younger man.

"Thanks, mate"

Viggo chuckled at the British term, "You're welcome Elijah."

Viggo stood staring at Elijah as he drank over half his beer quickly and sat it down on the coffee table. He narrowed his eyes as he watched Elijah stretch and purr, "God I was so tense earlier but I'm feeling more relaxed now, how about you Viggo?"

"Viggo smirked at him "Oh, I'm feeling good" just more tense than ever

Elijah got up from the table and walked towards Viggo slowly like a panther seeking his prey. Elijah looked up into Viggo's eyes and tenderly touched him on his chest feeling Viggo's heart pounding beneath his hand.

Viggo felt something inside him snap as he moaned at the light touch. He pressed his mouth to Elijah's as his body bent Elijah's almost in half over the coffee table, causing Elijah to wrap his arms around Viggo's waist tightly.

Elijah gasped which allowed Viggo's tongue to press inside tasting every part of his open mouth running his tongue over his teeth and tongue. "Fuck...Viggo...more"

Viggo picked him up in his arms and walked him to his bedroom down the hallway. He sat him down on the bed and quickly dropped his clothes on the floor. He stopped breathing when he watched Elijah strip out of his tight jeans and lay down on the bed spreading his legs and motioning him to come to him.

Viggo slowly crawled up Elijah's slim body kissing, nibbling and sucking every inch of his salty skin. "Fuck...yes Viggo" gasped Elijah as he arched and rubbed against Viggo.

"Oh taste and feel so fucking fantastic under me."

"God...yes I love how you feel on top of me."

Viggo grabbed the lube and prepared Elijah with his two fingers slowly stretching him open. He curled his fingers inside Elijah stimulating his prostate with each flick of his finger tips. "Damn" groaned Elijah as his hands twisted in the sheets while his heels dug hard into the mattress rubbing his cock against Viggo's stomach. Viggo's stomach muscles clenched hard at the feel of Elijah squirming and writhing beneath him. Viggo ripped open a condom and rolled it on his hard erection and slowly slid deep inside Elijah's body. He paused as he felt him adjust to his size.

"" demanded Elijah.

Viggo slammed inside Elijah over and over again pumping his hips hard and fast as he ran his tongue up Elijah's throat and pressed his tongue past Elijah's full lips, thrusting inside his mouth as his hips thrust inside his body.

"God" screamed Elijah as his nails scratched down his back. Elijah thrust upward to meet Viggo's thrusts.

Viggo wrapped his hand around Elijah's hard leaking cock and started to pump him fast. "I'm coming Elijah" groaned Viggo as he came deep inside Elijah's body.

"Yes...Viggo" screamed Elijah as he came in Viggo's hand.

Viggo collapsed panting next to Elijah. "I'm so glad you came over today."

Elijah chuckled "Me too, I wanted to be yours for weeks now."

"Yes, you're mine, my very sexy hobbit."

Elijah wrapped his arms around his ranger.
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