lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Lorenzo/Dan letter

I'm posting this for my friend harrysexmagick she requested cold steel be in this letter.

Cold Steel
NC-17 for talking about handcuffs and sex.
Fictional letter that Dan wrote to his sexy co-star in Equus :)


I feel the cold steel around my wrists pinning me to the headboard. I love to feel helpless as you have your wicked way with my body.

I love it when you suck on my nipples swirling your tongue over each one. You take your time licking and sucking on my stomach working your way lower until you reach my cock. You take me into your mouth and make me cry and thrash with pleasure.

I know how much you love to hear me beg and scream for more.

Take me and plunge deep inside riding me to an orgasm as you come deep inside my tight hole.

Yours, Dan
Tags: lijahlover, lorenzo/dan

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