lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Lorenzo/Dan Letter

I'm posting this for my friend harrysexmagick she wrote this and requested something for me to write as well to hopefully start lots of porny letter's being written. She prompted me with cold steel and I will write that very soon.

NC-17 for graphic naughty sex in a stable *g* You are warned...
Fictional letter that Dan wrote to his sexy co-star in Equus :)


I can't stop thinking about last night and the feel of that thick faux horse tail dildo in my arse.

The black silk of the faux horse’s tail tickling my balls as you expertly timed the riding crop slapping my arse with your thrusts down my throat.

I can’t wait until tonight to feel the tang of metal in my mouth as you fuck me hard pulling on the reins with each thrust going deeper.

Only to afterwards eat the oats coated with your cum from my feed bag, as you whip my arse.

Your Pony Boy and slave Dan
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