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Have a great day today everyone!

I hope everyone has a good day and I'm helping you guys love it more than usual by posting some of our favorite guys. Some of these are for roelliej I found these pictures of Rupert just for you. *hugs*

I'll start with one of my favorites D/E at one of their premiers holding hands. :)

D/E photo

Elijah and Dom-random_fandom


I just love the sweetness of this photo


My other otp pics :) I only hope at some premiere they would hug and kiss on each other in RL like Domlijah did all the time. *g* That would be so hot!


Moving H/D-photobucket

H/D Shirtless

I love how they look so much alike in this picture


More sexy men :)

Rupert Grint-photobucket

Rupert Grint-photobucket

Anthony Michael Hall-photobucket

Josh Hartnett-photobucket

Billy Boyd-photobucket

Another sexy pic of Viggorli kissing at one of their premiers :)

Viggo/Orli kiss

Don't we HP fans need them to be as close as the LOTR cast was in RL?
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