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Viggo/Orlando Challenge drabbles 42 through 50

Title:The Long Road Home
Challenge:Fight,Sell,Shore,Soldier,Fifty,Promise,Bow,Gift and Road...
Word Count:900
Warnings:M/S relationship(Very light)
Rating:PG to NC-17
Disclaimer:This never happened and I'm not saying it did. It would be hot to think about though *g*
betaed by the amazing x_merlin

This is a nine drabble series...

This is my 42nd through 50 drabbles :)

This is dedicated to harrysexmagick Your the best ;)

This is for Viggos_50>

Viggo in white

Olando in white

Viggo left the bar to go to the bathroom after one too many and he froze when he came back. He narrowed his eyes at Orlando dancing with some much younger man, more Orlando's own age. He watched as Orlando gripped the other mans hips.

Viggo strode over to both men and pulled Orlando behind him.

"God, I leave you for one minute and you have your hands on someone else."

"Fuck you, Viggo I don't want to fight with you. It's obvious you don't trust me."

"I watched you on the floor; I saw it with my own eyes."

Orlando looked at him sadly, "You don't trust me at all and I want to be with someone who will trust me more than you."

Viggo narrowed his eyes at him. "Fine if you want a new master, you'll get one. I can always find another slave."


Orlando softly sighed as he thought over the last few weeks and the huge argument with Viggo. 'Fuck did he mess up or what? How could he have known that, in a rage, Viggo would sell him to a new master?'

"I can't believe you can even do that in this day and age." Orlando looked out at the beauty of the nice summer day and felt numb inside. "He wont even tell me his real name," muttered Orlando.

He watched the wind blow the tree branches and leaves and wish he didn't feel like a prisoner.


Viggo raked his eyes around the room, looking at everyone, and his eyes stopped on the man who he had sold Orlando to. "Damn...I think I made a mistake." He felt his heart thump hard in his chest.

The other man looked at Viggo and walked over to him. "I'm glad you made it to this lovely house. Isn't it beautiful right on the shore?"

"Yes," agreed Viggo. "How's everything going?"

"Wonderful, thanks to you. Well feel free to look around if you would like."

"Thank you. I will," said Viggo. He walked around to look at the old time charm.


'Well I don't like this man at all and I'm regretting having sold Orlando in anger. He's only known as Soldier to people because he used to serve in the army. I want to talk to Orlando and find out how he feels about him.'

Orlando had made his way outside for a walk when he heard a sound behind him and turned his head only to freeze in shock. "Viggo?" he whispered.

"Orlando." Viggo looked at him for a while and cleared his throat. "How are you? Is he treating you okay?"

Orlando looked down at his feet and told him.


Viggo reached out and lightly touched Orlando's cheek, caressing his face. "How cruel is he?"

"He gave me fifty lashes with the whip the other night and wouldn't stop no matter how hard I screamed for him too."

"Damn, I could kill him for that."

"No please...don't. He's not worth it."

"I'm so sorry, Orlando. I wish I hadn't said those things to you."

"God...Viggo. I'm sorry... I was stupid too and said things I didn't mean."

"Let's leave now. We'll just go to my car and drive away. I'll send his money back to him so he won't follow us."


Viggo grabbed Orlando's hand in his and they made it to Viggo's car. "I'm glad I parked it here instead of in front with the rest of them."

"Orlando...I need to say this I promise to be kinder and think before I blow up at you." "I need you in my life with me I missed you so much."

"I missed you too everyday I wanted you to come and rescue me and it looks like you did" Orlando chuckled deep in his throat his eyes brightening with happiness.

"Lets get the hell out of here."

"Brilliant idea mate.


A few weeks later...

Orlando got down on his knees and bowed down in front of Viggo as he looked at him, licking his full lips.

Viggo's eyes darkened and he pressed closer to Orlando as Orlando took Viggo's cock in his hand and started to move his hand up and down, his tongue swirling around the sensitive head.

"Fuck," gasped Viggo with his head thrown back.

Orlando smirked as he continued to suck and stroke the older man. 'God I love doing this for Viggo', he thought. He took himself out and stroked himself while he deep throated Viggo.


Viggo pressed against Orlando in their big bed. "Mm-mm this feels so wonderful being here with you."

"Yes, Viggo, it does, and I want to give you something."

"What do you want to give me, lover?"

"I want to give you the gift of my submission."

"Nice. I love that kind of gift."

Orlando chuckled. "I also love you."

Viggo pressed his mouth to Orlando's neck. "I love you too," said Viggo. He ran his hand softly down Orlando's arm, tenderly caressing his skin as he felt Orlando shiver at the sensation of his fingers. "I love how responsive you are."


Viggo looked out the front window of his car as he and Orlando took a road trip to get away for the weekend. He looked at Orlando dozing. 'God doesn't he look beautiful and almost angelic when he sleeps.' Viggo smiled. 'I'm so grateful he's not angelic.'

Orlando looked around sleepily and sat u.p "Man, I'm so tired still and I haven't even drove at all."

Viggo laughed and replied, "Well I wore you out last night."

"Yes you did, lover." Orlando winked. "God, it's so beautiful here."

"I'm looking forward to this getaway," said Viggo as he held tight to Orlando's hand.

The End
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