lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Interesting facts about me :)

I took this from yenny2206

I found this survey, on one of my friends profiles thought we all get to know one another.

About Me
What's your full, legal, name?: Amy Dennise Gillam
What's your preferred name?: Amy
When's your birthday?: September 18
Can i get your #?: Do I know you?
Whats the style and color of your hair?: Right now, long, brown with blond highlights.
What's the shape and color of your eyes?: They are Hazel
Got any tats or piercings?: Yes, I do double pierced ears with no tats
Ya got any siblings?: One younger sister
What stereotype do you get the most?: Sweetheart
My Favorites
Sport/game?: None
drink/food/dessert?: Strawberry daiquiri-steak-NY style cheesecake
Movie/show/play/song?: A Room With A View-Equus-Faithfully by Journey
Music artist/band/actor/cartoon character?: Journey,Elijah Wood,Tom(Tom and Jerry)
Place?: NYC-Italy
Time of the: day/week/year?: Saturday
Book: Pet Symmetry-Stephen King
Number/color/letter?: 14-green-L
Animal/plant?: Dog-
Smell/taste/feeling/sound?: Flowery-Sweet-Happy-Baby's Laugh
Friend/Family member?: NO COMMENT
My Hate
drink/food/dessert?: Sushi
Movie/show/play/song? Reality anything
Music artist/band/actor/cartoon character?: Any Rap or Hip Hop
Place?: Don't have any
Time of the: day/week/year?:Anytime very early
Book: Where there's no Happy Ending
Number/color/letter?: 13-
Animal/plant?: Poison Ivy
Smell/taste/feeling/sound?: Anything to sour
Have I
Met a celeb?: One (Daniel)
Traveled out of the country?: No
Tried an odd food?: Yes
Sky dived?: No, I don't like high things
Bungee jumped?: No, Afraid of heights
Parachuted or para-sailed?: Terrefied of Heights
Beat the crap outta someone?: No
Showed off your mad smart person skills?: At times
Showed off your mad athletic skills?: I wish
Danced all night long?: Sometimes
Had a giant land party?: No
Played with fire?: oh Yes
Done something bad in a movie theater? ^_-: hmmm
Do you...
Put on makeup?: Yes
Dye your hair?: All the times
Wear the clothes you want?: At times
Smoke/drink?: Never- Sometimes
Party/dance?: I love to party and dance
Sing/act/play an instrument?: I cant Act. I can sing
Have glasses or braces?: Glasses
Get along with your parents and teachers?: My parents yes, Love them.
Want or have kids?: I have two
Swear a lot?: No
Read Books?: Yes I do, I Love Books
Watch TV?: Who doesnt?
Cut or burn yourself?: No
Got compliments on your looks?: Yes
Get sick easy?: Nope
Do good on tests?: No
Love music?: Yes
Have an i pod/cellphone?: Yes
Write?: Yes
Hate this survey?: Is Long
Take pills of any kind?: Cold
Think you're gonna die soon?: Only God knows when
Believe in love?: Hmmm, Yes
Believe in ghosts?: Sometimes, Just Jesus Christ
Believe in heaven and hell?: In Heaven and Hell
Have pets?: They are not pets they are my family
Think you're crazy?: At times
Love someone right now?: Yes
Wanna tell me who?: My husband
What's that? You love me?: Yes I do
Awww, that's sweet of you.: indeed It is
Thank you!: Your Welcome
Huh? You don't love me?: Didnt we go through this already?
Ouch, this bites...: I am a biter
Would You...
Go out with me?: No...
Please?: No...
You seem really awesome.: I am
Please go out with me.: No
Fine, don't then...: O K
Kiss a monkey for $1,000,000?: Is it a cute monkey? Yes
Have sex with someone with AIDS for $1,000,000?: No way
Let michael Jackson have his way with you for $1,000,000?: Eww no
Go cannibalistic for $1,000,000?: NO
Wow, you'd do anything for money, wouldn't you?: No
The Music Section
Fav genre?: Rock
How many mp3/CDs do you have?: Far too many
Fav station?: Jack FM
rock...: Yes
blues/jazz...: No
classical...: Yes
rap...: NO
pop...: Yes
country...: No
emo/screamo...: ?
heavy metal...: Me?
techno...: NO
reggae...: NO
r&b...: NO
alternative...: NO
folk...: NO
disco...: Yes
oldies...: YES
Time you stepped on a snail?: Hmmm Never
Time you ate pizza?: Don't remember
Time you smoked/drank?: When I was 17. A few nights ago
Movie watched?: Novocaine
Song heard?: Rock You Like a Hurricane
Thing you ate?: Pretzel
Time you cried?:?
Time you laughed?: All the time
Person you talked to?: My husband
Time you bathed?: This morning
Person you fought/argued with?: My husband
Person you kissed?: My husband
Person you hugged?: Taylor
Person you went on a date with?: My husband
Person you met?:
The other Half .....
hair?: Brown
eyes?: Hazel
skin?: Pale
clothes?: Good Ones
overall gender?: Male
does gender even matter to you?: Sexually yes
smart or dumb?: Smart
cute or hot?: Both
short or tall?: Tall
buff or shrimpy?: Buff
big or little? (ya know what i mean. ^_-): Makes no difference
This or that
Cookies or ice cream?: Ice cream
Red or blue?: Both
Cartmen or Kenny?: Neither
Jesus or Moses?: Jesus, Both
The chicken or the egg? (what came first?): Hmmm-The chicken
Blonde or brunette?: Brunette
Ninjas or Pirates?: Both
Bad asses or goodygoodies?: Both
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla
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