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This is everything about Equus *major spoilers*

One of my LJ friends asked me to post a detailed account of the play so I thought about it and here it is I already sent this out to two friends and I thought I would post it here for anyone who wants to know everything about the play and are unable to watch it.

Cut for major spoilers. I'm telling everything I remember even though I wrote nothing down.

The play is about a boy who in the beginning he puts the eyes out of seven horses in the stall and his parents don't understand why he does this so they send him to a gifted child psychologist to help him. You start to see flashbacks of his life and his mother meant well but preaches to him constantly and his father is an atheist so they are messing him up slowly on accident. They mean well but are over protective. He only sings at first the same songs over and over and then starts to speak but it's filthy language mostly.

The horses in the play are seven well built men who are wearing beige shirts and brown pants.(You have probably seen pictures of them.) In the first scene that you watch is Dan leading out Nugget(Lorenzo) he has his shirt off and they walk out to the center and he runs his hands up and presses into Nugget and they just stand there for awhile while Richard narrates about Alan and his fascination with horses how he does this every night. He wants to know more about this boy of coarse and why he does this.(He finds out later the boy is just psychotic and twisted about his love for horses)

Richard has dreams himself that has him wanting to quit working with children because he feels he needs the break and his dreams are about killing and disemboweling children. So he himself is not well. He gets him to open up to him by answering Alan's questions about him self they take turns asking each other personal questions.

They things they say are so hot and mind numbing and you start to understand that his relationship with horses is sexual. Every night he rides Nugget naked and it's to have an orgasm. That is the picture on the play poster his arms flung out with his head back is because of that scene. He talks about his job with the horses and the cream from their mouths dripping down and how he spent hours grooming them and he would kneel down to kiss Nuggets hoof. I thought my brain would explode at those images. (There were a lot of women and gay men there I wonder why) Nobody made a sound though but we were all wishing for a fan to fan off with. I tell you a half naked Dan talking about cream will stick in your mind.

His father tells Richard's character about walking in on Alan kneeling on the bed whipping himself and praying to the picture of a horse and calling him the son of Jesus Christ so he has twisted the sex and religion in his mind.

In the end we find out why they strip completely and why he puts the horses eyes out. He and the girl character go to a porn theater to watch a movie and he finds his dad there so they all leave early. Then his dad goes home and she wants to sleep with him and he doesn't want to sleep with her but lets her talk him into it anyway she drags him to the stable and they strip he is wearing nothing under his jeans and she lays down on the floor he says he takes her right there but Richard wants the truth from him so he finally gets it out of him that he couldn't do it because he touched her stomach or anything else and wanted it to be the horses stomach or flanks etc. He threatens her with a knife and she runs out screaming and then he puts the horses eyes out because of what they witnessed between them.

It's such a hot sexual play because of what you are seeing on the stage is unreal and amazing at the same time. And of coarse I remembered Dan's comments about if he was gay or a women he would marry his extremely hot co star(Lorenzo) Lorenzo is attractive and built because you see him without his horse head on when Alan's younger, in one flashback scene Lorenzo comes out on the beach and asks Alan if he wants a ride so he pulls him up on his shoulders and trots around the stage. His parents come back and pull him of making a huge deal about it screaming he could get hurt or die.

Well there you go with what the plays about and I wish you could see it though because it's worth every penny you spend and when it's over you just want to watch it again. He also besides speaking filthy smokes in one scene and I'm glad he doesn't really smoke but it does look good with him doing that.

Any more questions about it ask away I might remember more later. There was so much good things said in it though. I want to go back and watch it over and over *sighs*

Edit: I also left out Richards charecter yelling for Dan's to "Mount him Alan" speaking of the horse but well we loved to hear that yelled. *g*
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