lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Dark Night:Harry/Draco: Challenge Window

Dark Night




Word Count:100x1

Warnings:Porn,rimming,pure PWP,one curse word!

betaed by no one all mistakes are mine!

Harry gasps and moans his body is pressing tightly against the window as the incredible pleasure builds inside of him.

Draco is firmly pressing his naked body into Harry's from behind. His hands glide over Harry's skin, carressing every inch of his chest, playing with his nipples. His tongue starts to glid over the side of his neck. Draco starts to slowly move down, he kisses and nibbles his spine.

"Mm-mm," moans Harry. "I need more.

Draco smirks,"I'll give you more love," as he drops to his knees and spreads him open, he shoves his tongue deep inside him.

His fingers start to stretch him open. His rimming is driving them both over the edge with desire.

Harry pushes his fingers hard into the window when Draco does this to him, he moans and pushes backwards on Draco's tormenting and talented tongue.

"Fuck Draco," gasps Harry. "Make love to me," he begs.

Draco quickly whispers a lubrication spell and stands up. He presses into Harry and asks, "Is this what you want lover?"

"Yes," groans Harry. "Please give it to me hard."

Draco pulls all the way out and slams into him again and again setting a fast, brutal pace.

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