lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Viggo/Orlando Challenge

Word Count:148
Warnings:When teasing Orlando drives Viggo crazy with desire :)
Disclaimer:This never happend and I'm not saying it did. It would be hot to think about though *g*
betaed by the amazing mon_ami_runa

This is my 22nd drabble :) This is a one shot...

This is for Viggos_50>

Viggo in white

Olando in white

Viggo watched Orlando across the table from him his eyes narrowing as his pants became more uncomfortable. Damn, he thought he's doing this on purpose.

Orlando groaned deep in his throat as he ate another bit of the rich chocolate cake. He looked at Viggo's expression and grinned as he sucked the rest of the icing of off the fork and ran his tongue up the underside of the fork. "I have to make sure I get of all the icing."

Viggo stood up from the table, adjusting himself on the way in tight jeans and walked towards Orlando , a dark look in his eyes. Viggo pulled Orlando up by his arms and crashed his mouth to his in a kiss that devoured, his tongue running hungrily over every inch of Orlando 's mouth. Viggo pulled away and whispered "I had to make sure I got all the icing."

Tags: lijahlover, viggo/orlando

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