lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

October is Viggo awarness month!!!

Did ya'll know that?

What? You mean it isn't?!

Well it should be... in fact we're starting a new tradition here at adult_viggo.

The entire month of October will be Viggo Awareness Month. We're here to bring awareness to what an amazing person Viggo is. Whether he's acting, writing, painting, photographing... you name it.

I know you're asking what can I do to help out?

Well....I'm glad you asked. *g*

Here are some graphics that you can place in your own journal to spread the news. After all we want everyone to be aware of Viggo too (though, once they find out we might have to share;)

October is Viggo month

So starting on Wednesday, October 1st through October 31st feel free to come here and post your favorite things about Viggo... from pictures to graphcs and quotes to fics... Please spread the word by also posting these things in your own journals.
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