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After Practice:Orlijah month: Challenge #4 Cheerleading:

After Practice



Summary: Orlando watches Elijah in the shower!

betaed by the sweetmews1945:Thanks!:D

This never happened. It isn't true.

The showers are empty except for Elijah who's taking a shower after practice. His cheerleader uniform lies draped over the bench.

Orlando stands in a dark damp corner, watching him as the water slides down his firm, hard body. The water is gathering on his body and Orlando wishes he could lick off every drop.

Orlando thinks 'I should feel some shame for doing this after every practice,' as he watches Elijah rub every inch of his perfectly gorgeous body. 'I want to replace his hands with mine.'

Orlando is so consumed with his thoughts he doesn't see Elijah turn around.

Elijah grins mischievously.

"I know you are there watching me. Are you ever going to do anything besides watch?"

Orlando strips and a moment later, joins him in the shower.

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