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24 September 2008 @ 10:32 pm
Thanks so much everyone...  
You all made my day so special by giving me all kinds of gifts. Here are my pictures and icons from different friends. *hugs you all*

This is from bellewood He's so pretty! *sighs*

Birthday card from bellewood

This is from maderia I love this...

Made for me from maderia

This is fromaku_rin *hugs*

Made for me by -aku_rin

sweet_revenge made me this amazing icon and banner.

D/E icon-sweet_revenge00Happy Birthday banner made by-sweet_revenge00</a>

yenny2206 made this lovely banner.

Made for me by yenny2206

This icon was made by annwynn55 Thank you...

Domlijah icon made for me by-annwyn55

And this beautiful banner was made by saura_

Happy Birthday from saura_

I love you all :) :)