lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,


Title:I Missed You
Word Count:100
Warnings:Kissing and snuggling in this standalone drabble...
Disclaimer:This never happend and I'm not saying it did.
betaed by the amazing mon_ami_runa

This is for Viggos_50>


Viggo looked at the sleeping form on the bed as he got home late one night. He noticed the candle had burnt out some time ago. He could imagine that Orlando had waited up for him a while before falling asleep.

He took his clothes off quickly and slid into bed, spooning up behind Orlando's sleeping form.

Orlando whimpered softly before pressing back against him. "You're home, love" he sighs.

Viggo nibbled gently on the back of Orlando 's neck while pressing his growing erection into Orlando 's tight arse. "I missed you, so much" he managed to whisper between lazy kisses.
Tags: lijahlover, viggo/orlando

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