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Dom/Lijah:Part two:First Kiss conclusion:

That Night



Warnings:Rimming, light BDSM,Some curse words!

Summary:Hot men having hot sex. This is what happened after their first kiss. This is the conclusion.This is what happened that night...

Dedicated to spikessweetgirl and saura: You both rock!

Betaed by the wonderfulmews1945: Hugs you!

Elijah lies back on black satin sheets, tied up and waiting for Dom to come to him. The cool air surrounds Elijah and he shivers with anticipation. The moon shines brightly through the window, illuminating his pale skin on the black satin.

Dom walks to him, looking at Elijah with a fire in his eyes. He needs him as he needs the air to breath. He quickly strips and joins him on the bed. As Dom's mouth moves over Elijah's he whispers,"I have to taste your mouth." He kisses him greedily, hungrily. Their tongues thrust together. Dom has dreamed of this moment since he first laid eyes on Elijah. Dom takes his time, tenderly kissing his throat.

Elijah is thrusting his hips up into his, begging for more. His need for Dom is a physical ache.

Dom moves down, slowly kissing his flat stomach. He stops to run his tongue over Elijah's tattoo, sucking on the skin there.

"Fuck Dom," Elijah begs, "I need more." The air is cool but the sweat breaks out on their skin.

"Please Dom," Elijah begs, he isn't sure what he is begging for.

Dom licks up his length, slowly, he is driving Elijah mad with his tongue. Dom wants and needs him so bad he is almost mindless with desire.

Elijah is straining in his bindings, trying futilely to get free.

"Fuck me now Dom," Elijah screams.

Dom isn't through tormenting Elijah. He sucks on his fingers and slides them inside Elijah, opening him up. "I'm going to taste every part of your body" Dom growls as he puts his tongue inside of him, devouring him.

Elijah is moaning and panting when Dom does this.

"Never stop," he pleads as he spreads his legs further open. "I love your tongue" he gasps as Dom continues rimming him.

Dom is getting so turned on the sounds Elijah is making that he makes himself stop, reluctantly. He knows they will both come soon.

Dom crawls up Elijah placing loving kisses on his beautiful body. Dom looks at Elijah's face, glowing with passion and need. His breath is heaving as loud as Elijah's

"Make love to me now Dommie," Elijah pleads again. I need to feel you inside me.

"God yes baby," Dom moans as he pushes, slowly all the way in. He pauses to adjust to Elijah's tightness. He feels so amazing to him. He begins to move with fast powerful strokes

Both of their breathing is ragged and needy. Dom starts to slowly slide his tongue across Elijah's lips. Dom knows he will not last. He changes the angle to hit Elijah's prostate with every stroke.

He strokes Elijah, with firm sure strokes. Elijah comes and Dom isn't far behind.

Dom unties Elijah and gets something to clean them both up with.

"Can we fuck again?" asks Elijah.

Dom laughs at this and says"We have all weekend,I'm thinking we will never stop shagging."

Elijah smirks at him "Is that a promise?"

"Hell yes it's a promise."

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