lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

H/D ficlet!

Sexy Slytherin
Dancing, grinding and lusting at a dance club...Top demanding Harry and bottom whimpering Draco.
betaed by the stunning mon_ami_runa

This is for latteunicorns Who wanted a kohl eyed, sexy Draco who rocked in leather pants. I hope this is something you like hun...

Harry sat at a small table in the crowded smoky room impatiently waiting for Draco to meet him. He took another pull from his beer and watched all the writhing dancers out on the dance floor. He froze when he noticed Draco enter the room, and apparently everyone else noticed. Harry ran his emerald eyes over Draco's sexy messed up hair that looked like he just crawled out of bed after a good shag. He slowly moved his gaze over the kohl rimmed grey eyes of his date and looked down his tight, thin black tee shirt that left nothing to the imagination and black skin hugging leather pants. He appreciated how they molded to his long legs and slim hips. He felt his jeans start to tighten uncomfortably, stood up and smiled at his beautiful date.

"Let's dance Harry" Draco entreated as he pulled Harry on the dance floor.

Harry pulled Draco close to his body and put his hands on his hips and started grinding to the pulsing beat of the song. "Damn, you look so hot tonight."

Draco smirked "So do you Harry, you are a brilliant dancer."

Harry turned Draco around and pressed his growing erection into Draco's arse as the strobe light flashed around them. "Mm-mm" groaned Harry "Your arse is perfect."

"I know and you feel perfect to me."

Harry ran his hands up to Draco's nipples and lightly ran his finger tips over the harding nubs. "Merlin" whimpered Draco laying his head back against Harry's shoulder his eyes closing in pleasure. "You are driving me crazy Draco with the way you move and look tonight."

"I need you..."

"Let’s go to my place Draco, I need you underneath me now."

No one noticed as they seemed to disappear into thin air.
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