lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

D/E Gift Fic

On Your Knee
betaed by the wonderful mon_ami_runa

This is for harrysexmagick's and Tanya's 31 anniversary. She wanted romance with a propsal and sex following. I hope you both like this!!!

Dom looked at Elijah, love shinning in his blue eyes. He felt his heart clench in his chest as Elijah smiled at him his azure eyes shinning back at him with love.

"Dinner was brilliant, Love" Elijah sighed contentedly.

"Thanks mate, it was my pleasure," Dom reached in his pocket and pulled out a box as he got to his knees in front of Elijah. "You know how much I love you babe and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me!"

Elijah squeaked and lunged at Dom knocking them both to the plush carpet. Dom grabbed Elijah by his hair and guided his mouth to his so their tongues rubbed together.

Dom's mouth moved from Elijah's and sucked on Elijah's neck.

"Mm-mm" groaned Elijah rubbing against Dom underneath him.

Elijah and Dom peeled their clothes of quickly. Dom crawled up Elijah's legs kissing his way up until he got to his hard cock. He took it into his mouth and quickly started to relax his throat and deep throat him as his hand moved up and down firmly.

He continued to suck as his other hand stated to tease Elijah's quivering opening with his fingers. He felt him shudder and groan “I need to feel you inside me soon."

"Soon, Love, soon" Dom sucked on his fingers and slowly stretched him open scissoring his fingers as he found Elijah's prostate running his fingers over and over it.

Elijah gasped, arched his back ...closed his eyes “I love you so much Dom"

"I love you too, Elijah" Dom felt his lover’s muscles relax as he continued preparing him.

"Take me now, I want to feel the burn of you inside me" demanded Elijah.

Dom thrust inside his tight hot opening and waited for Elijah to adjust. "Move please love" begged Elijah. Dom started thrusting his hips into Elijah over and over pounding into him.

"Wrap your legs around my waist"

Elijah locked his ankles around Dom's waist as he felt the burning friction travel through his body. Elijah grabbed his cock and started to move his hand.

Dom's thrusts became faster as he screamed "God ... Elijah, uh, I'm coming . . .” as he came deep inside of his hot hole. Elijah came quickly after gasping for breath.

Dom rasped out after a few minutes “So, Love, is that a yes then?"

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