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Part two Drarry recs for Rectober......

Here are the rest of the Drizzle Drarry fest fics.

Seven Days in Sunny June by Malenkaya Summary:
When Harry agrees to a holiday with his friends as a way of getting away from the oppressive heat in London, he doesn’t expect to spend the week dealing with Draco Malfoy and their shared past.

A past that, thanks to a recent moment of madness, has just become much, much more complicated.

Sundrenched in a Sudden Storm by andheaventoo Summary:
Draco is losing control of his feelings and his magic for the first time in years. Strange minor weather events keep happening around Draco, threatening to betray his most private feelings, and he blames Harry Potter. Harry Potter and his new boyfriend, that is.

Under the cut

Sunkissed by onereader Summary:
Burnt toast, international Portkeys, ancient ruins, and Harry's own special brand of support.

Sunshine After The Rain by orpheous87 Summary:Harry is determined to be a shoulder to cry on for Draco.

Through the May Air,Over the Ocean by tsauergrass Summary:
Draco Malfoy never expected to find himself in Scotland or being stuck in a cottage with Potter. But wonders never cease. A story about warmth, a story about a flock of sheep in the distant fells of Scotland.

The Wand Slipped by sdk Summary:
After a messy, public divorce and a disgraceful exit from the Auror Department, Harry is trying to rebuild his life as a private investigator. But when his ex-wife ends up in St. Mungo's, and Harry's tasked with finding her attacker, he'll have to confront the mistakes of his past, and rely on an old enemy, in order to get closure and move on, and incidentally, solve the case.

Weather With You by Quicksilvermaid Summary:
Flood. Heatwave. Cyclone. Epic storm ready to rip London apart?

Something strange is happening to the weather inside the Ministry of Magic...


Featuring magical creatures, Harry wearing minimal clothes, a snarky snake, and Draco Malfoy who is definitely Up To Something.

Other slash pairings:

Stealing History by nerdzeword Summary:
Theodore Nott was a simple man. He liked only three things: good coffee, old relics, and Harry Potter, who spent enough time around old relics to almost be considered one himself. Unfortunately for Theo, and by extension the rest of his team, Harry Potter was the one relic he just couldn’t steal. Doubly unfortunate was the fact that he just would not stop trying.

A Conversation Long Overdue by fleetofshippyships Summary:
After Ron forgets to take his presents with him to the Burrow on Christmas Day, Draco braves a snowstorm to deliver them. Then the storm worsens, and with the Floo Network down, Draco finds himself stranded there. To make matters worse, Ron is acting odd, more so than usual, at least. It’s the worst time to bring up and prod at their recently changing friendship, but Draco’s not sure he wants to miss the chance to finally get some clarity about what exactly they are to each other now.

Prompt: Snowed in at the Burrow during Christmas.

During The Storm by Ladderofyears Summary:
Based on this wonderful prompt: Scorpius is camping with the Potter family during the school holidays. It's been raining for days and they are running out of things to do... What can Albus and Scorpius do in a tent to pass the time?

This is a small tale where Scorpius is mightily confused about the nature of Muggle card games. Luckily, his innocent mistake leads to a very happy conclusion for both himself and Albus.
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