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Drarry fics for Rectober :)

I have fics from hp_drizzle 2019 fest they were all just brilliant this year.


Birds Against Draco by latibaris Summary:
Created for prompt: The birds are conspiring against Draco, he's sure of it. Orchards and sunshine.

This one is a sexy Draco/Charlie that is amazing.

Heatwave by rainsoakedhello Summary:
The endless days and nights of unseasonable summer heat are starting to take a toll on everyone at the dragon reserve. Harry is no exception, especially if his quickly waning resolve to stay "just friends" with Charlie is any indication. It's Charlie's fault, really. He has no business looking like that in this weather.


After The Storm by MotherBooker Summary:
After a trying day at work, Harry just wants soup and cuddles from his boyfriend. It seems the weather has different plans.

And One To Play by tackytiger Summary:
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are the best team in the Auror Department, even when they're driving Gawain Robards up the wall.
When Malfoy is injured on a mission, it causes Harry's magic to go haywire. Meanwhile, a mysterious criminal is draining people's magical cores and turning them into Squibs.
Can Harry stop blowing Malfoy away in time to solve the case? And will Malfoy ever stop trying to get the last word?

Changeable Weather by tigersilver Summary:
They should be studying for their exams, but it's too hot, so everyone is just hanging around by the lake in various states of undress. Draco cannot cope with all of Harry's exposed skin.

Cuddles by the Fire by enchanted_jae Summary:
It's their honeymoon, but a blizzard has trapped them in the chalet. What shall they do to pass the time?

Don't Look Away by maraudersaffair Summary:
Harry and Draco are Auror partners on a stake out, but there's a heatwave. It's hot, sticky, and Harry keeps taking off his shirt.

Dragon Lairs,Purple Chairs and Sweet Teas by pixiedustatsundown Summary:
Dragons are magnificent beasts, utterly fascinating and worth devoting a lifetime to; but Harry missed England, missed home. So, he came back and was graciously and enthusiastically welcomed by the minister. He took a position in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, advising in everything remotely Dragon-related.

It’s boring, monotonous, drains all his energy and chips away at his joy, paper cut by paper cut. Home isn’t what he expected either, his friends - while glad and happy to have him back - are involved in their own lives, built while he was away and without planning him in. Bitterly, Harry sometimes catches himself thinking they became people he doesn’t even recognise. It makes Harry feel incredibly lonely, the cold logic of this development not helping matters either.

However, being here - seeing Malfoy blush and scowl under his scrutiny, hearing that posh voice of his and meeting his eyes - Harry feels alive again. It fills him with the same heady exhilaration he felt when facing a Dragon, knowing one wrong move means certain death.

Harry has won over every Dragon yet - this one would be no different.

I Bloom Just For You by parkkate Summary:
This isn’t how Harry’s eighth year at Hogwarts was supposed to go. It was supposed to be peaceful, drama-free… And yet, he finds himself in the middle of chaos once more when flowers suddenly start to spring up wherever he goes…

It's Raining In London by cyn_ful Summary:
Harry comes upon Narcissa Malfoy on his way home.

It Took me four seasons to tell you I loved you by PollyWeasley Summary:
Draco and Harry had been partners on the Ministry for two years now since the new rules said that an Auror must be partnered with a Curse-Breaker, and vice-versa. They were the top ones from each respective area, Ron Weasley had been named Head Auror, and they were a great team. So it wasn’t a huge surprise for Harry when Draco called him from the Department of Mysteries to help him with something, but he didn’t imagine his partner has managed to create the whole four seasons in his office. It forced them to work together, and Harry just hoped that the other man didn’t notice the massive crush Harry had on him.

Lions,Serpents and Snowboarders, Oh My by RuArcher Summary:
What happens when the Potter men invite the Malfoys on a family skiing holiday to Fleur's family chalet? As it turns out, all sorts of things. There are late night confessions, malfunctioning ski lifts, far too much vin chaud… And then there’s the unfortunate incident involving two naked teenagers, and the even more unbearable reciprocity that comes from your children having no boundaries and your new lover not locking the fucking door. Oh, and there's also some snowboarding.

Not On The Forecast by Scarshevestories Summary:
After the hurricane, Draco is injured and walking barefoot. But he couldn’t care less…

When Draco turned over a fresh page in his life, he had no idea that this new chapter would bring with it an infuriating messy-haired git, a series of mysterious cases of unnatural weather, and some unexpected feelings.

Rain Unseen by anaon Summary:
It’s always Malfoy, whenever he least expects it.

I will stop here and post part two later so many more fantastic stories and art to enjoy. x0x0x0x0x0x
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