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Some more Ineffable Husband recs for Rectober :)

This fic is amazing so very funny and sexy. I laughed so many times during their conversation. I can't believe 11 writers wrote this Masterpiece it was sexy,adorable and sweet.

Correction Fluid Summary:
Once in a while, someone has a truly good idea.

For Aziraphale, that idea was inviting Crowley to do their taxes together.

For us, it was opening a shared Google document and going feral.

Your authors today are: Lurlur, Brynncognito, D20Owlbear, EdnaV, FlygonRider, Kearatheshadow, Robynthemagpie_Writes, Samvelg, Seashadows, Write_away, WyvernQuill

A small excerpt:There was something about the way that Aziraphale caught his eye as he extended the invitation. It made Crowley’s pulse race and his palms sweat. It was a nonsensical reaction, there was nothing about the sentence that warranted any reaction above a bored yawn and sarcastic eye-roll, and yet, he could hardly help noticing how the angel’s cheeks were flushed with anticipation when he said it. [1]

“Crowley, would you like to come over and, uh,” He paused, the tip of his tongue wetting his lips. “Do our taxes?”

What kind of an invitation was that, anyway? Who even did their taxes these days?

Not Crowley, that was for sure. [2]

But saying no to Aziraphale was not something which Crowley was exactly in the habit of doing. No matter how much he delighted in doing exactly the opposite of whatever was generally required or expected of him, that instinctual urge to be a misbehaving little shit had never extended to Aziraphale. Kind of the opposite really, he’d even tried to before and the word had always stuck in his throat. So he stuttered a yes and a half-joking line about bringing the rubber.

More under the cut

A Street in a Strange World by giddygeek Summary:
“How did you ever know?” Aziraphale asked Crowley. “How did you know when I was in trouble and could use a spot of, hmm, otherworldly intervention?”


In the beginning, God gave the angel Aziraphale a flaming sword.

Not So Blue by pinapplecrushface Summary:
Aziraphale presses his suit. Crowley mostly has a lot of questions.

Lead me to the Banquet Hall by obstinatrix,wishwellingtons Summary:
Crowley loves taking Aziraphale out to eat almost as much as Aziraphale loves eating, but it's always a bit of a one-sided affair. Aziraphale has never understood why. Crowley planned on keeping it that way, but best laid plans...

A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down by for_autumn_i_am Summary:
Aziraphale and Crowley pretend to be husband and wife to accompany the Dowlings on a vacation in the South Downs. It goes just as well as one might expect.

Did You Open Your Heart There"> by weatheredlaw Summary:
or were you quiet and afraid? — Aziraphale and Crowley meet over and over and over again. Aziraphale doesn't know what Crowley is, or why their souls can't seem to be parted, but he is a creature of love, and he's not going to argue with that.
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