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Rectober is here again yay!

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I will start things off with some Johnlock hair pulling. I do have a thing for that in fics. xoxoxoxo

Hair by evenlodes_friend Summary:
They had been lovers for nearly two months, and the hair moratorium was still in place. To John’s complete frustration.

Your hair could be purple, I wouldn't care by allonsys_girl Summary:
Sherlock's in a strop about his hair, and John makes it all better.

Fourteen musings about Sherlock and John by CWB
This is a short collection of my imaginations of John and Sherlock as a couple. The timing is loosely post-Mary (because in my village, there is no more Mary), and they're in it for the long haul, so make of that what you will.

Pull by philalethia Summary:
John pulls Sherlock's hair in a moment of frustration. Sherlock is surprised to find that he enjoys it.

More under the cut

Filty by toomanychoices Summary:
Sherlock's ended up filthy after another dip in the Thames (sorry) and without John's help, his hair will be a write-off (Oh NO..not the hair!).
Touching ensues...then more touching..good touching.

Not safe for work by mildsweet Summary:
John Watson runs a porn Tumblr, and of course Sherlock knows about it (though John doesn't know *that*). One day, he posts something that is pretty obviously about Sherlock, and Sherlock wants to know more- but he can't say it, so he asks anonymously.

Onomatopoeia by aquabelacqua Summary:
“Would you like to understand?”
“Understand what?”
“Why people are so passionate about certain words.”

Something is the matter with John. Sherlock is determined to figure out what it is. Mark his words.

One Espresso, Seven Sugars by mydarlingbenedict
A madman named Sherlock enters the coffee shop one day. Despite apparently hating coffee, he starts coming in every day.

John's definitely not interested in an idiot who's rude to half the staff. And even if he were, Sherlock's too busy with his mysterious paperwork to notice a lowly barista. Right?

A Different Sort of High by SailorChibi Summary:
Sherlock's been acting like a little shit lately, pushing John's buttons left and right. When John explodes, it exposes a kink of Sherlock's he never expected.

The Fragility of Genius by TooManyChoices Summary:
Prompted by a comment by Moffat/Gatiss that "Sherlock likes to think of himself as an iceberg...but he's more of a volcano".
What happens when Sherlock can't bury his feeling any longer?

Deduction of Kink by cranberryloops Summary:
"Were you trying to ask me to play a sadomasochistic scene with you topping me?" Sherlock asks.

John coughs, looks down, cheeks red. "Yes, but…"


Ennui Transformed by Slashscribe Summary:
Sherlock and John stumble upon a new, kinky side of their relationship and decide to see where it takes them.

Surrender by illwick Summary:
Sherlock and John take a stab at negotiating a kink. Three rounds of filthy smut ensue.

Always Wrong, Never Wrong by redscudery Summary:
When Sherlock says "Correct me, Doctor", he means "Please pull my hair and make me come in my fine linen drawers."

John is only too happy to oblige.

One Night by ShinigamiAnateria
Sherlock can be manipulated by merely touching his rather sensitive scalp, a discovery I made after a night of drinking and Sherlock's stubbornness.

Hedonism by threadoflife Summary:
If there’s one thing Sherlock Holmes is a whore for, it’s John hedonism. Because John? John is the biggest cock whore.

Sherlock's cock and hedonism go together beautifully.

Wine's a Good Thing by orphan_account Summary:
Christmas Eve 2012.
Wine, Sherlock decided, is definitely a good thing. Very good thing. He tried to think of a superlative to better describe its very goodness, but his thoughts were so slow and muddled and he was a bit distracted by John's tongue on his neck, making him moan a little. Mm. John's a good thing, too.

It's two weeks after John and Sherlock first got together (as in 'Never Once Failed'), and they're both drunk after their Christmas Eve drinks that Mrs Hudson makes them do. Drunken smuttery ensues. Sherlock gets raunchy when he's drunk. And he likes it when John pulls his hair. Oneshot, pretty much PWP.
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