lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

I hope everyone is doing good this week. I wanted to let everyone know that me and Mr.lijahlover went to see Craig Ferguson's stand up comedy routine last night and he was so funny. His opening act was also very funny. We laughed so long that my throat hurt later on. We came home to watch Craig and Dom on The Late Show. Wasn't it hysterical? I only have one word to describe how Dom looked last night, WOW! He looked great. He didn't talk about I Sell The Dead though and I was hoping he would.

I keep hoping to see The Oxford Murder's preview soon. If it's really hitting the theaters on the 18th. I'm looking forward to seeing that the most also I want to see I Am Legend.

My son is turning 13 on his birthday on the 18th. That makes me feel so old.LOL! I keep asking how it's possible for me to have a 13 year old. He doesn't want a party this year so Mr.lijahlover is taking him and a friend to see I am Legend.

I think I've told you about my hermit crabs before. Ginny and Hermione have died we are down to two left, Harry and Draco are the only ones left. Draco just molted his exoskeleton. They are creepy looking but we like them.

One question and them i'm through rambling. I like how Dom looked the best last night. Do you like him with a beard or without one? Just curious!

Hugs to everyone on my friends list!

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