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Happy Tuesday everyone

I have the last of the Drarry fics for the m-preg fest. These are all brilliant and all should be read I enjoyed each and every one.


Double Scoop by MaesterChill Summary:
Is it wise to ignore the advice of your MPreg Healer?
Especially when your Healer is Harry Potter… and he's your husband… and he's carrying your child?

Art and Fic

Loving You by llap115 and sassy_cissa Summary:
A stormy night in the Potter-Malfoy cottage.


Heal Me Slow(Love Me Fast) by crazyparakiss Summary:
Being a father had never been in the cards.

The Waiting Game by Ladderofyears Summary:
Draco's overdue with his first baby, and its making him tired, sore and irritable. Wanting nothing more than to meet his baby, he decides that sex with Harry will be the perfect way to induce his labour.

Whenever one door closes(one more opens) by sassy_cissa Summary:
Life doesn’t always follow the path we’d prefer. But when the time is right, the rewards are great.

How Do You Know What You Want From Life by josephinestone Summary:
Harry gets a potion dumped on him that grants him three wishes. Great, except he doesn’t get to pick them and doesn’t even know what he’d want if he could.

It Was Meant To Be You by pollyweasley Summary:
Tired of being wanted for his name and money, Harry decided to subscribe to a Blind Date Magical Company, in which he'd be matched to someone who was almost 100% compatible with him. In addition to this, the company had a ilusion program, in which you can decide what appearance your partner will have. He knew he was playing with fire when he decided to follow the program, and even worse, when he asked for his partner to look like his friend and co-worker Draco Malfoy. But it was just a blind date. Just innocent, simple sex. He was going to stop whenever he wanted, he just needed a taste of what could be.

Complete by erin_riwen Summary:
Harry and Draco await the imminent arrival of their first child and get caught up in all the emotions of the event.
Tags: fic, harry/draco, rec

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