lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Viggo/Orlando Challenge

Title:Teasing Viggo Part Two
Word Count:100
Challenge Word:Prairie
Warnings:None but a very teasing naughty Orlando ;)
A.N.This is a seperate drabble from my series but I'll probably post a continuation of this one!!!
betaed by the perfectly wonderfulmon_ami_runa
Disclaimer:I made everything up it never happened.

This is for Viggos_50>

Viggo/Orli kiss

Orlando slid off the horse followed quickly by Viggo.
Viggo grabbed him and pulled him down on top of him in the prairie grass.
Viggo raised up a little to meet Orlando's kiss.
Groaning Viggo puts his hands in Orlando's curls twisting the length around them.
Pulling Orlando back a little to run his tongue over Orlando's top and bottom lip causing him to groan and whimper.

"Damn, I love to hear you whimper, it's so sexy!"

Orlando smiled at him and teasingly flicked his tongue out to run over Viggo's cheek, "Damn, I love your taste, it 's so delicious."

Tags: lijahlover, viggo/orlando

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