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Some Drarry fics and art to enjoy

I am recing all the fics and art from the last two weeks of the harrydracompreg fest. I enjoyed all the delightful works so far. Everyone has done such a wonderful job.... :)

Veela-Ness by quentin_threepwood Summary:
When Harry is informed he's pregnant, he knows it shouldn't be possible. For one he was a bloke. But maybe Draco his sort of boyfriend, wasn't lying when mentioned he was a Veela...

Get a Kick Outta You by punk_rock_yuppie Summary:
Draco's pregnant and the baby's started kicking.

Morning Mr Devil, Come Say Farewell to your Dreams by thisbloodycat Summary:
Nothing stays the same after a war. Except for lack of luck, that much Draco has noticed.

Over The Moon and Up The Duff by enchanted_jae Summary:
When Draco learns he's pregnant again, he blames his husband. Harry, however, couldn't be happier.

A Different Beginning by yerawizardamber Summary:
Harry and Draco are enjoying their time as empty-nesters, until an unexpected wrench is thrown into their plans.

Instinct by BummedOutWizard Summary:
Draco was midway through afternoon tea with his parents when Potter tumbled out of the floo.
“I can fertilize you?”
Draco flushed crimson. “Absolutely not!”
His parents watched, nonplussed, as the two proceeded with an indecipherable shouting match of the most weird nature, and it couldn’t even be resolved with makeup sex. Draco made to storm off when Potter caught his arm.

The Baby by kikimay Summary:
It was supposed to be an easy affair, devoid of complications. Then Draco got pregnant. Loosely based on Ruarcher | coriesocks prompt, Harry and Draco have already three sons.


Power and Majesty by digthewriter Summary:
The Royal Malfoy-Potter Family gather for a portrait weeks before they expect a new addition in the family. Little Scorpius is excited to be a big brother.

At Least He Didn't Get YOUR Hair by oldenuf2nb Summary:
An extremely exhausted new Daddy still has the capacity to snark about his husband’s messy hair.
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