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Happy Froday and weekend.....Enjoy some more Drarry goodies.

I will post week three of the dracotops_harry fest it was wonderful so many brilliant stories to read. I am posting everything for the third and last week because they should all be read. :)

I will once again start with the artwork.

On Reverse by drarryprodigy (NC-17 | digital)
Summary: Draco wanted to try a new position for their next love making. It was Hot and Sexy.

All In Good Time by articat621 Summary:
The wolf in him wants to claim Draco, but Draco has ideas of claiming him.

A Cheater, I am not.A lover that I am by sausaged Summary:
Draco's exhale was shaky. "It... It isn't like that," he begins, suddenly uncertain of himself.

On Reverse by drarryprodigy Summary:
Draco wanted to try a new position for their next love making. It was Hot and Sexy.

Pretence by AkaShika Summary:
When the lord and abdicated king of Islington and London announces that his heir is coming of age, royalty from around the Isles and all of Europe is invited to the celebration, including Prince Draco, whose father has told him that Lord Black's Heir is also his betrothed.

Fate Has Different Plans"> by Marchnogirl Summary:
Harry drew in a breath.

The man must have felt him, because he spun his head towards him, leaving Harry completely speechless. He was wearing a white mask, covered in plumages and diamonds around the eye holes. The diamonds were almost too shiny in the darkness of the room and made the man’s eyes pop out more evidently: they looked like liquid silver.

Or, where some casual anal fingering changes Harry’s destiny.

Real Life vs Really Living by digthewriter
Harry has a busy life. He's running a restaurant and a club, he volunteers at Hogwarts every other weekends, and sees his adopted family as much as he can. He's holding it together, until one day, Malfoy asks him out on a date. And it's good. Really, really good. Can he find the time for a meaningful relationship amongst real life and all this amazing sex?

It's Not Living(If It's Not With You) by epsilonargus Summary:
Draco is a Veela adopted by the Malfoys, and when he meets Harry Potter, his world abruptly shifts. This is a story of how these two stubborn boys grew up together. Omega!verse x Veela fic.
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