lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Viggo/Orlando Challenge

Title:Teasing Viggo
Word Count:100
Challenge Word:Horse
Warnings:None but a very teasing naughty Orlando ;)
A.N.This is a seperate drabble from my series but I'll probably post a continuation of this one!!!
betaed by the perfectly wonderfulmon_ami_runa
Disclaimer:I made everything up it never happened.

This is for Viggos_50>

Viggo/Orli kiss

Orlando pushed up tighter against Viggo's strong back feeling the muscles tense as he rubbed up against him sensually.

Orlando purred, "This is brilliant love... I adore horseback riding but I want to feel something else between my legs soon"

Orlando leaned forward, pressing his open mouth to Viggo's neck, his hands moving over Viggo's chest and stomach with a growing need.

"Damn Orli, you're such a tease!" Viggo chuckled.

Orlando ran his hand down over Viggo's stomach feeling the muscles tense at his hands. He cupped Viggo's growing erection teasingly and squeezed his thigh making Viggo stop the horse.

Tags: lijahlover, viggo/orlando

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