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Happy Woodsday everyone!!!

I hope everyone is having a good week so far. I have been so busy with my community challenge drabbles it's been fun I never joined anything like that before but I'm glad I did this one. I have more to post and will keep going until October 20th which is Viggo's 50th birthday. I got my icon for posting one drabble and I'm coming up on my 10th when I'll get my first banner. We get a banner for every 10 we write and post and if we write all 50 we get something in the mail from them for our hard work.

An anniversary is coming up between two of my friends 31 years so I will write something for both of them also. 31 years is amazing and wonderful!!!! :)

*Hugs to you all*

Here's some pictures for woodsday for everyone to enjoy!


Elijah and Liv-photobucket


Johnny Depp-photobucket

Jeremy Northam-photobucket


Dom with a sucker
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