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Ron/Harry continuation

Title:I'm Yours Ron Part two
Rating:NC-17 for sex and language... rimming and wall sex in this part.Possessive Ron and a demanding Harry!
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine...
I didn't come up with these characters JKR did I'm just making them do what I want them to ;)

This is for roellij who thought more would be nice. I told him that's a good idea!

Harry whispered a spell that vanished their clothes off as Ron spun him around and pressed his open mouth to Harry's sensitive neck and worked his way down to his back nibbling on both of Harry's shoulder blades. "Fuck,Ron" gasped Harry. Ron smirked"Soon love, patience." He worked his way down to the base of Harry's spine as his tongue trailed lower. "Mm-mm" moaned Harry pressing back. Ron spread Harry open with his hands and pressed his mouth to his opening, he slowly pressed his tongue inside as the muscle relaxed he wiggled it in further devouring him whole.

"Bloody hell" screamed Harry "Fucking take me now" he demanded.

Ron took his time as he pulled away"Nothing tastes better than you love." He turned Harry back around and lifted him in his arms he pressed him into the wall as he pushed slowly inside Harry's loosened opening.

Harry whispered a lubrication spell to help ease the way inside his body.

"Wrap you legs around my waist" Ron demanded as he pulled almost all the way out and quickly shoved back deep inside. He snapped his hips as he pressed Harry's body up the wall with his thrusts. He hit Harry's prostate with every thrust as his body rubbed up against Harry's erection.

"God, I'm going to come" gasped Harry.

"Fuck me too" moaned Ron as he came deep inside Harry's quivering hole. Harry came a few seconds later. Ron pulled Harry down with him as they collapsed on the floor.

"Damn I love it when you get all possessive Ron." smirked Harry.

"Give me a minute babe and then lets hit the shower and I'll posses you all night long."

"Brilliant idea mate" agreed Harry.

Part One
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