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A must read Drarry story

Title:Burning The Ground
Word Count:10,300
Warnings:dub-con, bondage (sort of), knotting, rough sex
Summary:"Strap him down," someone said, and Harry felt the rage thicken inside him -- the viscous fear.

Magical bindings pulled taut around his wrists . . . He felt a wand touch his arm and then a sharp bite as something punctured the skin, and a sweet, cool tonic rushed his veins.

His breathing slowed. His eyelids drooped. The ceiling went grey and dark. And then he heard a woman's voice sigh, "Someone, get Healer Malfoy."

Why I loved it:I can hardly get out how much I looooooved this hot as hell fire fic. I needed oxygen throughout reading it because I forgot to breath. You should read this all the time at least once a week. It hit all my werewolf kinks perfectly. Not only was the sex *delicious* and mouth watering but the way she wrote each sentence was well thought out. I have a thing for scent and Harry can't get enough of Draco's. *rawr*

The plot and character development was at times funny and very enjoyable.

Oh and this line was pure brilliant poetry..... Only excitement. Only hot, delirious wonder. Only the ecstatic movement of blood through his body and the breathless sense of vertigo. Vertigo of the soul. Wow just wow!

Draco was a healer as well and a tidy, neat individual. He ended up with a super hot and desperate for him Harry, who could rip that world apart. :)))))))

My own thought on dub con she warned for that but I didn't really feel like it was.


"Jesus, Malfoy," Potter breathed. "You smell bloody fantastic."

Draco hesitated, almost pulled back, but then swallowed and continued his examination, feeling down Potter's throat to his lymph nodes. "Heightened sense of smell is common."

"Oh, I'm aware of that," Potter sneered, laughing mirthlessly. "If only you knew what I could smell on you."

Draco stiffened, embarrassed despite himself. He'd bathed before he'd come in. He felt foolish, but he wanted to ask if Potter was insinuating he should wash more thoroughly or if it was his socks or...something else entirely.

Potter laughed again. "Don't look so worried, Draco. Fantastic doesn't always equal lunch."

Draco scoffed and amplified Potter's heartbeat with his wand. "What do I care if you like how I smell, Potter?" he said. His own pulse sped up.

Potter went silent then and they both listened to his pounding heart.
Tags: fic, harry/draco, rec

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