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13 November 2018 @ 10:16 pm
H/D Fan Fair rec  
The Kitchen Thieves (And the kitchen herself)

In a deserted cottage miles away from Hogsmeade, two young spirits waited for a new owner to call the place home. One day, Auror Harry Potter bought the cottage. One evening, farm wizard Draco Malfoy showed up to spend the night with Harry...and steal a pepper shaker from the kitchen. Maybe Kate can tell you all about them? She’s the spirit who looks after the kitchen, and she’s got quite a bit to say…

I'm still having a hard time finding the right words to describe this fic. It's unbelievably gorgeous and heartbreaking. It brought me happines then reduced me to tear's. I wondered if I could enjoy the 3 person pov. I had no reason to fear it was brilliant.

I feel just like one of the commentators whiskeyandwildflowers like I could never convey with words how much this fic moved me. It was so painful at times but worth it. The ending was beautiful just so lovely.

This was so powerful and moving I'm just in awe. Do yourself a favor and read this gem. You can always trust me and know that the ending is just perfect.