lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

A glorious Johnlock story

Title: Summit Fever
Word Count:78782
Summary:After graduating from medical school, John Watson followed his heart to the Himalayas. Ten years later, he's a haunted cynic working for his ex-lover's trekking and mountaineering company. Will leading an expedition to Annapurna I—the most lethal of all the world's highest mountains—shake John out of his reverie, and who is the mystery client added to the group at the last minute?

Why I loved it:This story was so beautiful and very well researched. I was impressed with the way she described everything it felt like we were up on the mountain with them. She is brilliant at writing both John and Sherlock. But she really gets John when she writes him, it's like she has a understanding of who he is.

This was a fascinating and terrifying look into mountain climbing. And I adored every word but this paragraph made me *melt*......"You are my tether; you are in my bones, in the cells of my lungs, you are my oxygen; you make me breathe and keep me going. I am never alone, now." So lovely *sighs*

This deserves so much more praise and kudoes. I was just waiting for her to finish it before recommending this glorious story. I know some don't feel confident reading a wip. I would suggest reading everything she writes... honestly you won't be sorry. :)
Tags: fic, good evening, happy saturday, nablopomo, rec, sherlock/john

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