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10 November 2018 @ 10:09 am
A beautiful Johnlock story  
Title: Gimme Shelter
Author: SinceWhenDoYouCallMeJohn
Word Count:159,369
Warnings:None except it is an AU and set in the 70's. It also has period typical homophobia.
Summary:All John Watson wants is the feeling of a freshly waxed surfboard under his feet and the hot California sun baking down onto his back. To finally go pro in the newly formed world of professional surfing and leave the dark memories of his past behind him as he rips across the face of a towering blue barrel. To lounge beside the beach bonfire every evening with an ice cold beer tucked into the cool sand beside him and listen to Pink Floyd and the Doors while the saltwater dries in his sun bleached hair.

That's all he wants, that is, until the hot young phenom taking Oahu and the Hawaiian shores by storm steps up next to him in the sand in the second round of the 1976 International Surf Competition.

Why I loved it: First off She is a marvel. An absolutely beautiful, poignant, breathtaking marvel. Utterly gorgeous. She made me feel all the feels and I found such exquisite detail in all her chapters. This story is perfection. This story was beautiful from beginning to end and I will be revisiting it over and over in the future.

ALSO! I love John and Sherlock in this, but Greg definitely steals the show every time he's mentioned. He and Molly are just delightful in this. A super cute couple and just lovely.

These characters will live on in my mind for a long time to come. I'll imagine them drinking beer on the porch as they stare out over the ocean, waking up together, running their surf shop, competing and supporting each other, and growing older into a world that will eventually accept them. I'll have no problem seeing John fuss with that coffee making contraption, or Sherlock sanding down a new board, or him doing research to find his mother. Out there, in this beautiful AU, they live and breathe and call each other names just being brilliant together and living their lives.

From start to finish, this has been an emotional masterpiece. This has become one of my all time favorite works and I’m honored to have gotten to read it.
julchen11: Lenijulchen11 on November 10th, 2018 05:55 pm (UTC)
Bookmarked it, I am very curious to read it. Thanks for the review, sweetie. Happy caturday! ♥♥♥
lijahlover: Sherlock BBC-John adoreing Sherlocklijahlover on November 10th, 2018 06:14 pm (UTC)
Yes, check it out when you can. You wouldn't think putting those guys as 70s surfers would work but they feel like themselves.
Sheila: pic#127859946eventidereverie on November 11th, 2018 02:13 am (UTC)
Thanks for the review and link. It has my interest, I have bookmarked it and will have to try to read it.
lijahlover: Sherlock BBC-S/J Drumming fingerslijahlover on November 11th, 2018 03:14 am (UTC)
You are welcome. I just recced another finished wip I think everyone should read by another favorite author of mine.

I wasn't 100 percent sure if you read slash fanfiction. Heyurs likes different pairings than me but I'm obsessed with Johnlock and Drarry and Domlijah.

Edit honestly the pairings I love are in my journal header. 😊

Edited at 2018-11-11 03:26 am (UTC)
Sheilaeventidereverie on November 11th, 2018 02:50 pm (UTC)
I have a wide variety of things I like as far as reading, and it's pretty much the same with my writing. :)
lijahlover: Domlijah Be here nowlijahlover on November 11th, 2018 04:08 pm (UTC)
I enjoy reading slash mostly now. I have my favorites and they stay my favorite. The only reason I don't read LOTR stories is no one writes them much anymore. But Domlijah has been my otp since 2004 and will stay that way. 😊