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Some more fics for Rectober

I have saved these for Rectober and they are all brilliant fun must reads. These are assorted Drarry and Johnlock fics. All highly approved by me :)

Bumpy Roads Aheadby carpemermaid. Summary:
Harry's journey to discovering and accepting himself as bisexual is a long and bumpy one that ends with wanting to tell one more person that's become very important to him. An exploration of coming to terms with sexuality told in vignettes.

Sweet Dreams by NovaNara Summary:
John has plans. Sherlock is only too happy to comply. This story has consensual Somnophilia
so skip it if that isn't something you enjoy.

Feedback Loops by J_Baillier
While John tries to deal with his sister, Sherlock is forced to take on a neurosurgical trainee.

The Oolong Disaster by unicornpoe Summary:
John has a beard. Sherlock has a panic attack.(I can not blame Sherlock I too love a bearded John.

Licence to Kiss by fellshish Summary:
Sherlock loves John, and John loves... James Bond. He only made Sherlock watch every single film. Tedious. And now John's birthday is coming up. Sherlock can't tell him how he feels, but he can organise an amazing gift: John's very own spy adventure. Sherlock begs Mycroft for a real case with some extra gadgets. And perhaps some actors pretending to be criminals. What could possibly go wrong?

Set right after ASIB.

Morning's Hush by astudyinrose Summary:
There should be fireworks or a national parade for this sort of revelation instead of this: two people having a conversation in the dying light of an April evening, prompted by almost nothing, but almost a decade too late.

Or, Sherlock and John finally get the happy ending they deserved.

More under the cut

In The Still Of The Night by SilentAuror Summary:
As locals on the Northeastern coast begin to report UFO sightings, life at Baker Street becomes significantly awkward as John brings up his desire for more than friendship and Sherlock refuses him. They embark on the investigation from the confines of the tiny cottage Mycroft has rented for them, attempting to navigate both the clues of the case as well as their own inability to communicate...

Love or What You Will by Miss_Frankenstein Summary:
John is an English professor who specializes in War and Post-War Literature and Sherlock is the brilliant yet impossible Ph.D. student assigned to be his TA because no one in the Chemistry Department is willing to put up with him. And - somewhere between Waugh and Plath, e-mails and takeaway, novels and villanelles - they fall in love.

Nesting by wendymarlowe Summary:
John is a modern-day alpha who believes in enthusiastic consent. Sherlock is an omega who would much prefer not to be one. John Watson is not a complete idiot. Sherlock is--sometimes--not a complete idiot either.

Augury Forecast by XxTheDarkLordxX Summary:
Draco had always known that teaching at Hogwarts would be an experience, he just didn’t think that meant a flash flood in the kitchens, a windstorm in the Great Hall, or a sandstorm in the Quidditch pitch. Months of extreme weather would grate on anyone’s nerves, but to have Potter, the ever annoying Divination Professor, around every corner was even worse. So much for a quiet life at Hogwarts.

Of Heat Storms and the Rough Outdoors by xenadragon_xoxox Summary:
Longing for a new start after Astoria’s passing, Draco decides to leave Britain with his son and start a new life in Malaysia. When the city-loving Draco reluctantly indulges the nature-loving Scorpius in a camping and wildlife adventure for his eighth birthday, he thinks it can hardly get worse - but then their trail guide turns out to be none other than Harry Potter.
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