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Johnlock must reads-Happy Rectober

If your looking for new fics(within the last year) that are not to long so you don't have to wait for the amazing sex these are for you. These are all brilliant and worth reading. I have lots more stories saved for the month of Rectober I hope you enjoy all the brilliant fics. :)

Short Johnlock smut from 9/2017-9/2018

Detangling The Pastby starrysummernights (18K)
Most Alpha/Omega couples celebrate the anniversary of the day they bonded.John’s parents had never done. John can’t remember his father ever so much as mentioning the bond he shared with John’s mother, or his happiness with it. Or even referencing the day on which it occurred. They just…never talked about it. John had never known when their bonding anniversary was. He still doesn’t.But Sherlock’s parents had practiced beautiful bonding anniversaries. Every year.

II Boleroby shamelessmash (21K)
While working a case, Sherlock follows a lead to Il Bolero, a shop that caters to the BDSM lifestyle. There he meets a thirty-something clerk named John who offers to help him test a few spanking tools that accidentaly send Sherlock into subspace. He certainly wasn’t expecting to get addicted to the sensation.

Out of the Woodsby SilentAuror (20K)
Sherlock is fairly certain that John has taken to flirting with him of late, but can’t be entirely certain of it. At least, not until a case takes them into a forest, along with Lestrade’s team and something happens that will change everything about their lives…

Lots more under the cut

Plus this which is a huge current smut series, each installment can be read alone:

Unwind seriesby illwick (480K+)

Whiskies Neatby Ellipsical (20K)
Home and hearth and whiskies neat, or, alternatively, Sherlock Holmes falls in love.

Impetusby scullyseviltwin (12K)
“We going to do this properly, then?” “Properly?” Sherlock parrots, a coy little smile touching his mouth. John aims for aloof, licks his lips and poses, “Date, I mean. We’ve got a candle, wine…” “If that’s all that’s required for a date, I’d say we had our first at Angelo’s years ago.”

How to cope with Turbulence by addicted2hugh (15K)
A terrifying flight through a thunderstorm and its aftermath turn John’s world around.

Enough is Enoughby sussexbound (10K)
John feels a momentary twinge of fondness, a fondness he’s been allowing himself to indulge in more and more, of late. One more thing that’s changed. But this change is one that does harken back to those early days, and John finds he doesn’t mind. More than that, he finds he wants it. The anger and bitterness had begun to be too heavy a burden, and no matter how painful the thought of his feelings never fully being returned may be, it’s still easier to bear than the rage, regret and self-loathing. Sherlock wants him here at his side, he’s made that amply clear, on more than one occasion, since John moved back, and that’s enough.

Beyond the Black Stumpby Talizora (12K)
“Get out. Go Dark.” The words spell danger and signal the failure of his current mission to unravel Moriarty’s web. Now Sherlock must pay the price for Mycroft’s mistakes. Sent to a far away land full of the most dangerous creatures in existence Sherlock faces his biggest challenge yet… a Zookeeper.

Assistance Required by Soft_Light (12K)
Sherlock takes Viagra for an experiment. You can probably guess a lot of what happens next.

The Librarians of Baker Streetby MissDavis (9K)
Sherlock is a cataloguer who’s forced to work the reference desk once a week. Which he hates. Or at least, he used to hate it, until the library hired a new reference librarian. Guess who?
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