lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Join us in some Food Fair fun :)

Join the H/D Food Fair 2018!

Prompting: Jun 5 – Jun 20
Claiming: Jun 23
Submissions due: Sep 18
Posting starts: Oct 1
Big Reveal: Nov 4

art by dustmouth for hd_fan_fair</lj>

Everyone, please go read and comment!

but first... head over to THIS POST at hd_fan_fair to take the quiz and find out what team you're on!

This is my team....

I like the blurb it gave me for my team.

You enjoy comfort foods and imagining the possibilities of how things could be. You love long plotty stories that make your heart full and warm. You belong to pumpkin pasties
Tags: banner, pimp, pimpin

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