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2 amazing Johnlock stories

Title: Darkest Days,Finest Hours
Word Count:12443
Warnings:Rosie is kidnapped,Angst
Summary:They both knew, deep down, that it was only a matter of time. And now the time has come.
Rosamund Catherine Watson is missing. And Sherlock Holmes is about to set the world on fire

Why I loved it:It felt natural the way they came together. And the pacing here was excellent. It was amazing how she was able to tell a brilliant story in such an economy of words. I loved every minute of this. It was a perfect blend of angst,humor,romance and suspense I was on the edge of my seat through out this gripping story.

As a parent I could feel all their emotions easily. Such a realistic story and the ending was unbelievably lovely and just perfect.

Excerpt(optional):They had always known it would happen.

It remained unsaid, but it was there – in every press conference they turned down, every blog post that willingly if not always consciously omitted her, every night they spent triple checking the locks before retiring.

There had already been too much press, though. Too many cold cases, too many enemies made. Their reluctance to speak about life at 221B only made the public more voracious for it. Pictures were posted, articles were written, and privacy was invaded.

Yes, it remained unsaid between them, but they both knew, deep down, that it was only a matter of time. And now the time has come.

Rosamund Catherine Watson is missing.

And Sherlock Holmes is about to set the world on fire.


Title: The Vapor Variant
Author:88th Parallel
Word Count:72,749
Warnings:Hurt/Comfort,Sick Fic,Virus,PTSD John
Summary:They stood face to face in the middle of a clearing. The dim light of the moon barely allowed Sherlock to see the glassy terror in John’s eyes and the sweat that glistened off his forehead. His nose was bleeding again, blood dripping in a slow stream from his right nostril.

They were both gasping for air, John’s eyes locked on Sherlock’s. There was no recognition there, just wild animal fear.

Time stood still for an eternal few seconds, and Sherlock took a shaky breath. “John—”

Spell broken, John spun and bolted back into the woods.

Still heaving for air, Sherlock took off after him.

Why I loved it:This was an exciting, heartbreaking story from beginning to the end. I was on the edge of my seat. My poor Sherlock he went through so much guilt with John. I waited until she finished her wip before recing it, it's 18 chapters and each is brilliant. Lots of angst but you all know how I am about the happy endings and this does not disappoint. Mycroft is also the perfect older brother here just what Sherlock needs.

Excerpt(optional):In the heat of pursuit, John could only focus on keeping up with Sherlock’s dark form as he chased Doctor Frankland; his dark mop of hair and fluttering coat silhouetted in the moonlight. John’s torch was on, but they were running too fast to aim the beam in any meaningful way. He tried to make sure he kept his footing in the dark -- the forest was full of granite boulders and gnarled roots and it would be easy to twist an ankle. He knew Sherlock had sight of Frankland, and that was enough direction for now. Sherlock’s height often put him ahead of John when they were in pursuit. Ducking and weaving, jumping and breathing -- it wasn’t the first time they’d done this, and it wouldn’t be the last.
Tags: fic, good evening, rec, sherlock/john

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