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A wonderful Johnlock story

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This is my 3rd rec for the lovely month of Rectober enjoy.....

Title:State of Flux
Author/Artist: atiki
Word Count:24655
Summary:John’s marriage is over and he is finally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs).
Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they're both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen.

Why I loved it:This story was glorious and so perfect every word perfect. I loved her style of writing as well. Here Sherlock is floundering and John is steadfast both so very ic. Everyone deserves to be loved like Sherlock loves John Watson.

This paragraph was so touching they are soulmates..... "Sometimes moments of recognition just happen when you least expect them. And right now, with John completely safe and at ease in his arms, Sherlock understands. He understands that he and John cannot be apart, and they never will be. He understands that one day, he will have a cottage in Sussex and bee hives and his curls will be greying, and he will need reading glasses, and he understands that when that happens, John will still be here."

Ahhhhhhhh so lovely....I love all the attention to all the little details. So much beauty, passion and humor in this..... The story vibrates with emotion and need and then the end is just contentment and peaceful.

Excerpt:“Oh, Christ,” John gasps out in shock, realising what happened. Sherlock glares at him, freezing mid-jump, his aching left foot in the air, steadying himself on the counter tops.

John laughs. Laughs until his cheeks are damp with tears, and Sherlock tries his best to be furious about it. It ocurrs to him, though, that he hasn’t seen John laugh like this in months. Years, maybe.

“I’m sorry, Sherlock.” John gasps, wiping a tear away. “Can... can I help you? Are you hurt?”

Sherlock doesn’t answer. John Watson’s laugh may be the one sound he loves and enjoys most in all this world. Almost as much as he loves John himself. Being the subject of John’s laughter makes something in Sherlock’s abdomen glow in a quite agreeable way, which doesn’t actually make sense, since Sherlock doesn’t enjoy being laughed at in general.

Pretending to sulk is very much the next order of business. Sherlock huffs audibly, collects his maggots and proceeds to cut them in accurate slices in order to test the effect of alkaline substances on defrosting flesh.

John returns to his newspaper, still giggling a bit.
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