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Title:Miss me!
Rating:NC-17 for graphic sex and some language.PWP!
Summary:Dom and Elijah have been away from each other for awhile filming and now they are back together.
I'm not saying they ever did this. It's just my hot fantasy!
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine!
It's been awhile since I posted something about my OTP. I hope everyone likes it!

Dom moves from Elijah's tempting, luscious lips and starts to kiss, suck, lick and nibble his way down Elijah's neck, causing Elijah to gasp and moan under Dom's sensuous assault. Dom reaches Elijah's chest and rips his shirt off, buttons flying everywhere as he runs his tongue and lips over every inch of his chest, nipples and stomach. His mouth works Elijah into a frenzy of lust and insanity for him. Dom slides Elijah's jeans off of his slim hips as he starts to kiss and suck on his sensitive inner thighs.

Elijah spreads his legs further open, allowing Dom everything he wants from his body. Elijah runs his hands over Dom's head, pushing him down, further on his cock.
Elijah manages to gasp out,"Fuck, Dom I love your mouth."

"I love your cock in my mouth," Dom pauses to say as he smirks at him with warmth sparkling in his blue eyes. He lowers his head and starts to pleasure Elijah with his mouth and tongue, he swirls his tongue around the head and immediately deep throats him over and over again.

He takes his cock out of his jeans and strokes himself with fast, steady, sure strokes. The pleasure is building too fast to last for long. "Fuck, Elijah your whimpering and moaning are going to make me come very soon." He takes his finger and slides it in Elijah's tight, hot opening, working it in and out, driving Elijah and himself into a desperate frenzy.

Elijah comes in his mouth with a gasp and Dom comes right after him on the sheets. Dom crawls up Elijah and collapses next to his gasping body. Dom cradles him in his arms and asks,"So this means that you missed me while I was gone right?"

Tags: dom/lijah, lijahlover

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