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A must read Drarry fic :))))

Title: The Man in the Scarlet Cloak
Author: bixgirl1
Word Count:16,350
Summary:There's usually a better time and place to participate in seduction than the Forbidden Forest. Unless, of course, it's Mating Season.

In which Draco is sneaky but not sneaky enough, Harry is confident but goes a bit mad, and the Trees are either incredibly romantic or just sort of perverts.

Why I loved it:OMG this is such a glorious, brilliant, wonderful and amazing story. I loved it so much I may have almost cried when it ended. The way she wrote both Harry and Draco was perfection.

The TREES! I love this so much. High Draco acting all dreamy and happy and lovey made me so happy. Also did I mention those trees? The trees! The way they talk, the fact that they're basically lust-matchmaking perverts... oh my god. This is amazing. The sex was way to hot and sizzling *swoons* So much lust and size kink with a LOT of rimming. :))))))))))))))

Do yourself a favor and read this or read it again and again.

Excerpt(optional):The crunch of footsteps sounded behind him, and Draco drew his wand, whirling protectively even as the Tree grew still and watchful; most living things in Forest feared the risk of being used for nefarious means. Sentient Trees didn’t have any Potions properties, but there were plenty of ways to drain their magic.

The bright red cloak caught Draco’s eye first, followed quickly by a curly disaster of tangled black hair and, lastly, eyes the colour of the Tree’s leaves at her happiest. Draco relaxed slightly and lowered his wand as Potter stepped into full view and stopped, looking surprised.

“Malfoy?” Potter had pulled his wand, too, and his hand fell to his side when he saw Draco. “What are you doing here?”

“I work here, Potter. As you very well know. What are you doing here?” Draco returned, trying not to sound defensive.
Tags: fic, happy thursday, harry/draco, rec

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