lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Aragorn/Legolas fic

Title:Under The Moon



Warnings:Nothing but lots of yummy sex.

Word Count:305

Betaed by no one all mistakes are mine. Please point out anything you see.

The full moon shone down on the lake, making it shimmer with a beautiful glow.

Legolas thought he was alone, trying to relax after a hectic day of battle, Legolas gasps as he sees Aragorn swimming toward him in the warm lake water, with a predatory, hungry look in his eyes.

Aragorn and Legolas come together in the water, knowing what each other want by the desire, burning in each others eyes, making them very warm. Aragorn crushes his mouth to Legolas's, thrusting his tongue deep inside of Legolas's mouth, making love to him with his tongue.

Their naked bodies are writhing, sliding against each other in the water. They are both gasping and moaning as their mouths ravage each others and their hands slide all over each others slippery, firm bodies, their passion burns their skin.

Aragorn pulls them both out of the water, onto the dry bank, as they start kissing again Legolas quickly prepares himself, stretching himself open. He slides down slowly on Aragorn, loving the burn. He starts to ride Aragorn faster and faster, his head thrown back in ecstasy. Aragorn takes him in his hand and starts to stroke him, firmly. Their eyes lock together, communicating their desire and passion for each other, they both come together gasping each others names. They lay like that for awhile until they can breathe normally again.

The moon shines down on them from the sky, causing them to shiver. They quickly get dressed.

Legolas pulls Aragorn to him whispering,"I love you so much."

Aragorn replies, "I love you too," Lets go back to my tent and make love all night long."

"Race you," says Legolas as he sprints off.

Aragorn yells as he runs after him,"The last one there gets to tie up the winner.

Tags: lijahlover

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