lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

A charming Drarry story

Title: Gravity
Author: melodic
Word Count:12.597
Summary:Harry hasn't seen Malfoy in nearly two years--not since that thwarted kiss during Eighth year. When he stumbles across him working at a bookshop, his whole world is turned upside down. How does he deal with all these feelings that have come rushing back to the surface? And what about the pesky matter of Malfoy's new boyfriend?

Why I loved it:What a delightful and charming story. I do love were either Draco or Harry are working in a bookstore. I loved following this and all the advent fics. Harry poor pinning Harry.... I adored him.

Ron was one supportive great friend for Harry.

So much to love about this delightful story. This line was very sexy...Harry nervously licked his lips, his eyes trained on Malfoy's full, pink ones before leaning in. Malfoy tasted like butterbeer, sweet and sharp. Harry's pulse quickened, hands trembling as Malfoy opened his mouth and slid his tongue against Harry's. Mmmmmmmmm *shivers*

If you have not read it yet, please do you will enjoy each and every word.

Excerpt(optional):Harry pushes open the heavy oak door, sighing in relief as a gust of warm air wraps around him. The shop is bustling; numerous patrons chat animatedly as various clerks assist them. There are several overstuffed armchairs, tall shelves overflowing with books and impressive paper sculptures littered upon the mismatched tables. Harry’s eyes, however, are immediately drawn to the shock of white-blond hair at the front desk. That pale hair—so vivid it nearly looks unnatural—is alarmingly familiar. Harry's mouth goes dry as the young man’s face turns, his sharp features in clear view. Pointy chin, pronounced cheek bones, smooth skin and striking grey eyes. It couldn’t be… could it?


Tags: fic, happy december, harry/draco, rec

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