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A beautiful Drarry werewolf fic for Rectober

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Title:With A Candle To Guid Me
Word Count:29,238
Warnings:Mentions of self harm,coarse language,angst
Summary Draco wakes up in a nightmare, caught in the horror that’s haunted him since childhood. Desperate and trying to make sense of all that’s happened, Draco finds the only person who seems to want to give him answers is Potter. But being near Potter holds questions too—ones Draco isn’t sure he wants to ask. Even if it means turning down a way back to solid ground.

Why I loved it: This fic was so glorious such a vivid and beautiful story. Draco dealt with being a werewolf in a bad way he closed himself away and drank a lot. My heart broke for him and his poignant despair over being a werewolf. It was a slow and difficult process. The pain Draco feels is so tangible.... - the story of what happened to Blaise and Pansy. OMG...I was so angry at them and then, so very sad.

Harry was sincere in trying to help and save Draco. He and his friends were good for him. They helped him and didn't judge him for what he could not change. Harry is also brilliant at that saving people thing. The love Harry has for first Teddy and then Draco. I love the build up... I loved how there was such a connection between Draco and Harry, how Draco came to learn Harry by smell and how he noticed all of the little things about him. The UST was great, and when it became resolved *cough* god ;D

I do have such a thing for Draco and his animalistic side and that really sets me on fire. The sex is sizzling hot and so sexy. *rawr* These lines OMG....“Making arrangements?” I ask, tilting my head back. Potter’s eyes follow the line of my neck. The smell of him intensifies. Even the clothes on my body feel rough, too hot, too much. I want desperately to tear them off. Or have someone else do it.

“For Teddy,” he says. He doesn’t move. Neither do I. We’re stuck in amber. “For the full moon.”

Lips parted, I breathe in hoping for clarity, but instead I get more haze. More of the thick cloud of Potter in my head. I start toward him now, the scent dragging me on.......So many more as wonderful as that one.

You should read this or re read it you won't be disappointed by this gem. It makes you feel all the feels. :))))))

An except:

There’s nothing. No feeling but the cotton tingle of the sterile air. No taste but the sandpaper dryness of my tongue. No smell but the sharp antiseptic. No sound. No sound but the howling in my ears.

I look at my hands, the lines on the palms crisscrossing, sketched out, unfinished. They all end abruptly, without warning. No tapering tips. No infinite branches like the ones I studied in Divination. Chiromancy is bollocks, of course, but sitting here now, I can’t stop staring at the ends. Heart line, head line, fate line—all ending in sharp stops. As though someone erased the last bits. Cut my hand off somewhere early.

There’s blood under my fingernails. It’s dry now. Dry enough to flake. How long had I been here? Two days? What day is it? It can’t be. I can’t remember. The Healer—she stares at me like I’m touched in the head. I watch her lips move but can’t hear what she’s saying. Not over the howling.
Tags: fic, harry/draco, rec, rectober

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