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More Drarry fics for Rectober

Today I am going to rec some of my friend _melodic_s wonderful stories. I adore her writing it is all so brilliant just delightful. :)))))))

So here is my shout out love post for you dear melodic. Keep being awesome you *rock*

♥ ♥ ♥

Worth It NC-17, 1,193, Summary:

Harry doesn’t want to wake Draco up so early in the morning, but there’s a little big, hard problem he needs some help with.
-Soooooooo sexy and *delicious* I adored each and every word. You can never go wrong with Established relationship, morning sex, dirty talk and smut with fluffy feels. *swoons* It is definitely worth it to read this one.

Single,Oblivious and Love Struck NC-17, 3,265, Summary:The holidays are approaching and with it the annual Ministry Ball. Single, oblivious and love struck Harry thinks he’ll just go stag. After all, who needs a date when he can just silently pine after a certain equally oblivious blond.
-This was such a delight so fun and amusing. The boys were so clueless and the secondary characters were brilliant. Hermione is just well perfectly herself and I love Narcissa in this story such a wonderful mom. :))))))

One Year Of Winter NC-17, 10,177, Summary:

Harry is fine, he really is. Suffocating depression, severe anxiety and a rediscovered Malfoy obsession is nothing to worry about, right?
-This story was so realistic and very emotional. It was portraying how you deal with war and ptsd. Harry feels stuck....Still, the notion pains him and he can’t help but feel as if everyone has moved on by now and somehow he got left behind. This line was brilliant and Harry just had to take more time to heal than others do.

Harry and Draco after the war are broken and need each other desperately. Draco is so calm in this story, just what Harry needs. I just love this paragraph toward the end....

“Potter, I’m not sure I like you all that much—“
Harry cuts him off again, “I’m not sure I like myself all that much either right now but I’d like that to change… I’d like to change a few things. And most of all, I’d like to have you over tonight.”

You find the one and you want to become a better person and change with time.

And The Spring That Follows PG-13, 408,Summary:Harry continues to heal from the scars of the war.
-It is delightful to see how far they have come together. This was a lovely, sweet ending. Harry wasn't completely healed that would be un realistic. But in such a better headspace.... This is a smallish wonderful excerpt....“Still blaming yourself, Potter?” Draco asks dryly but concern laces his voice all the same.

“Trying not to, but I’ll always feel a little responsible.” Draco opens his mouth to object but Harry quickly cuts him off before any sound escapes. “I know I can’t hold onto it, I can’t let the guilt destroy me.” Harry shrugs, expression turning sheepish and endearing. “It’s a process.”

“It’s a good start,” Draco replies, stomach flipping at the faint blush that stains Harry’s cheek.

The shadows under Harry’s eyes have mostly faded, his face filled out and looking far less gaunt. He’s even wearing a new sweater, a rich plum shade which brings out the bright green in his eyes.

I just adored these fics so much *happy sighs*

It's Not Enough, Just A Touch NC-17, 11,798, Summary:Harry Potter rushed into marriage, eager to start a family of his own, only to realize too late where his true preferences lie. Now, there is no turning back as he waits nervously in this restaurant, knowing nothing will ever be the same again.
-This fic was so lovely and bitter sweat. This story has angst and infidelity in it, yet handles it so realistic and believable. Time did nothing to lesson their bond and weaken it. They had so much tension between them you could cut it with a knife. Harry had a wanting to do what everyone expected of him and that never ends up well. And you all know me so you no the ending was perfection and so happy. :)

Harry inhales deeply, allowing the crisp autumnal air to fill his senses. A cool breeze ruffles his hair but the sun burns brilliantly in the cloudless sky and warmth spreads throughout his body. Autumn has always been his favourite season but it feels all the more beautiful as he walks alongside Draco. Why does it always seem as though everything shines brighter when he is near the other man?

As they walk, Draco confides how difficult it was to send Scorpius off today and how strange it will be for the house to be empty. Harry admits it was just as difficult to see off Albus as it was James and he can’t even imagine what it will be like with Lily. The conversation flows easily, as always, and Harry feels himself readily open up to the man before him. Harry would never have imagined that Draco, that malicious child from his past, would have turned into this complex, understanding man. He can hardly fathom how simple everything feels when he is around him. They continue to walk, side by side, until they reach Regent’s Park, making their way along The Broad Walk. They turn onto a dirt path, a little secluded area surrounded by trees, and the words just fall out.

“I’ve missed you.”
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