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More Drarry artwork for Rectober :)

Happy Saturday! Before I go to bed and stop spamming you guys I will post art from hp_drizzle

Never Leave Me by sugareey Digital, PG-13, Summary: It's because of this one storm that he finally decides to break the silence so he doesn't lose his resolve.
-I looooooove everything about this scene she drew. It is glorious, brilliant perfection. Their profiles, hair, lips, ears and Harry's glasses are so delicately drawn. So much detail in each line and the shading is lovely. The background color is beautiful and the lightning gives it such a powerful/striking feel. I am in awe with this beautiful drawing.

Let's Pretend It's Easy by anemonen digital painting, Rating G, Summary: Draco and Harry steal a moment away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. Hidden away in a field they can just be.
-I have so much love for this drawing. The rich colors and lines are perfect. Harry's red shoes are brilliant. I melt looking at his hand on Draco's face... it is so romantic. The tall grass and trees in the background give it a sweet and tender feel. The shading is so lovely on their skin and such wonderful bone structure. Their clothes are a favorite of mine with their shirt colors and both in jeans. (Draco in jeans is a weakness) *swoons*

A Chance Encounter by eijineko Pencil and pen. Coloring was done using Gimp and MS Paint,Rating G, Summary: All flights are cancelled due to inclement weather but Harry doesn't care. He's concentrating on battling a difficult boss monster on his phone. Suddenly, there's this noisy stranger near him. Turns out it wasn't a stranger after all. Muggle!AU.
-These scenes are so cute I love the minimal color it is smart. It makes Harry's green eyes and Draco's hair stand out more. Draco's pose was cute and I loved both their clothes. I also love the detail with Harry's scar and cute glasses. I foresee chatting and hooking up in their future. :DDDDDD
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